Request For Theme Ideas: Brickfilms 2008 Competition is planning their annual contest and is putting out this request for themes. The contest will basically follow the format of last year's IDEA Competition, but with some appropriate adjustments to the theme, deadlines, prizes, and rules.

The contest submissions will likely be shown at the BrickWorld convention being held in Chicago (June 19-22), and we need to first choose a theme for the competition so that filmmakers can start the process of creating their entries. Other issues will be addressed in the next couple of weeks; but the sooner we can decide upon a theme, the more time entrants will have to produce their films.

So put on your thinking tuques, have a shot of vinegar, and start brainstorming. Don't be shy about sharing your ideas and don't be concerned about criticizing others' ideas. We need to choose a theme as quickly as possible and the more options we have, the better are our chances of choosing a good one.