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    Heres another:
    Rogues, Rebels, and Resistance.(RRR).

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    I like the musical idea, It would be funny, and songs would have to be made.

    I haven’t seen a musical brickfilm.

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    “Littlebrick” wrote: I have a feeling we need to do the snazzy acronym we do every year.

    If we don’t, I’m going to torture saulgoode into eternity, 101 style.

    And, because I feel semi-obligatory to introduce a hippie-ish theme to the list…

    LaD Love and Dedication. Pretty straightforwards, I guess.


    HaS: Horror and Suspense.

    I’ve only ever seen one horror brickfilm so I thought up, er, HaS… Needs a better name…

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    Stevie Collins

    DadDasister and Destruction

    -Steviecolli, yes I spelled Dasiter wrong, don’t have spell check on ie 7

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    DAD – Dames and Detectives
    MAM – Monsters and Mayhem

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    OCDOne Crazy Day
    UAAUp and Away
    ASODA Seemingly Ordinary Day
    EPEndless Possibilities

    Those ideas are all I have for now. Whatever the theme is, I definetly want to enter the contest.


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    Every year the difference between Theme and Genre needs to be explained.

    And this year it doesn’t have to be me to do the explaining. 😈

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    ASOD- A Seemingly Ordinary Day

    That would be boring. Don’t you think? Might also be a bit restrictive…

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    Night Of Adventure: Every one of the films would be set at night, be it in the city, a rural setting, etc. The common theme in each of them however would be the time in which the story takes place, ie. after dark. It would afford filmmakers an opportunity to experiment with different lighting techniques than they typically do and a wide variety of genres are well-suited to such a theme be it horror, film noir, science fiction, crime, romance, etc.

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 131 total)

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