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    “RevMen” wrote: Every year the difference between Theme and Genre needs to be explained.

    And this year it doesn’t have to be me to do the explaining. 😈

    But could you anyways? 😛


    Timothy Ratner

    Habits And Addictions

    It will present some of the known habits and addictions in the world, and some not known.



    Night Of Adventure

    That sounds like a great idea.



    EPICEpic Plot and Intense Cinematography
    FEARFear Excitement Angst Revenge

    I liked the horror ideas, we have so many halloween spoofs but an actual horror film with good characters that is outstanding is missing in my opinion. I know we have good films in a scary obscure mood, but I mean a classic horror film that might even have splatter elements.

    Cheers Arend



    What about those who don’t like spatter/horror films? I think this contest should be open to people of all ages, and spatter films do not fit that category. I like your ‘EPIC’ idea, but ‘FEAR’ is not going to work.




    I think Littlebricks ideas are really nice. They’re simple, well-themed, and have probably the “snappiest” acronyms in this thread.



    SASS Service and Self Sacrifice
    GAME Great, Awesome, Magnificent, Excellent



    “RevMen” wrote: Every year the difference between Theme and Genre needs to be explained.

    Agreed, I don’t think it’d be a good idea to have a genre-themed contest as all previous ones have been based on theme. A common theme results in an interesting variety of films, instead of, say, ten sci-fi movies.

    “Littlebrick” wrote: I have a feeling we need to do the snazzy acronym we do every year.

    I liked the acronym thing, however I do not think a concept should be abandoned simply because it doesn’t fit with any cute, pronounceable acronyms. btw, I like ICE and ABC. MoM isn’t bad either, but I don’t think the acronym fits.

    As for my suggestions, it is my opinion that not only most, but nearly all brickfilms are made purely to entertain. I think it might be an interesting concept to base a contest around the premise that films should have a serious message of some sort; this can be almost anything from a cute moral lesson (a la some of the Words of Wisdom contest entries) to a political message and even if the subject is serious the film itself certainly would not have to be. Some ideas:

    CAUSECommunicating A Uniquely Satirical Examination: This is a somewhat lame attempt at filling out the acronym, but there aren’t many satirical brickfilms, likely because good satire is difficult to write. I think a satire-themed contest could be interesting.

    SAMSharing A Message: See above.




    i liked the RRR idea…. that could be good, some film about like overthrowing a communist government or like George Orwells 1984. I think we have to do something with a serious theme. It is much more of a challenge to do a brickfilm like that. You need to have great cinematography and you have tp be able to show emotions through little plastic people. cognizance was a great serious brickfilm.

    How about PAD? Passion, Anger, Determination? haha not the best but something along those lines

    idk i probably soudn liek an idiot



    TRIPTurningpoint Reconsideration Introspection Prospect
    BOPBorderline Obsession Paranoia

    Brainstorming, we need lots of brainstorming,

    Cheers Arend

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