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    Totally diasgree nate.


    As well as being unfair and discriminatory to people who can actually write and review well I have another issue…

    So it might take a few more hours to download, but if you use download managers properly you’ll never have a problem.

    Additionally, this will mean people will not take the time to LEARN how to effectively and efficiently use video compression to create the smallest high quality file…

    As always, the push for high speed internet across the web is great. The problem is that if this happens before people know how to use their new found bandwidth effectively its just gonna cause the web to slow down.

    hali (on his high horse)

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    Lol, Nate, your basically blocking out both Hali and Bluntman, (Possibly the 2 best filmmakers, but lets not get into a debate, note the ‘possibly’), as they can’t get Broadband due to the horiffic pices of High Speed Internet in Australia. I don’t want that to happen.

    Sides, its rediculous anyway. For the most part, the reason you don’t have broadband is because its not available in your area, not because it costs to much or your to lazy to get it.

    I got my Broadband as soon as we moved to an area where it was available. We lived to far out in the booneys before.

    Really, as Hali said, High Speed Internet has nothing to do with being a good rater. Good raters can tell whether bad film quality was due to compression, or crappy cam to start with.

    Yolegoman, who’s trying to lower his daily post count and also make them more useful

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    hey rev……….
    did you get my email????
    if you did/did not please send an email to me here…..


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    Brian of Gep

    If he didn’t get it, you would have had it “Returned to sender”.

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    this much is true…….


    Look, did i ever say that Hali or Bluntman or anyone else for that matter wasn’t good at writing reviews? All i said is that people with dial-up(myself) would have a harder time reviewing films because of the wait. I’m not trying to offend anyone here.
    I personally would love to be on the review panel, but i know that i would not be able to fully do my job because i know that i wouldn’t be able to download all of the movies. That’s whay you don’t see much of me over in the post and review forum. It’s not that i don’t want to watch everybody’s films, it’s just that i can’t.
    My mom runs a floral business from the house, so i can’t tie up the line much during the day, and for some weird reason, my dad won’t let me keep it on overnight. Thats all.
    Cya! :D

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    I understand not WANTING to be on the Panel, but RESTRICTING them due to there modem speed is what I considered rediculous.

    Its RESTRICTING them that got my dander up.

    Nate, I used to be on a dial up modem and easily downloaded every new film under 15 megs. And over 15 megs is rediculous for any movie under 8 minutes.

    And sure, if someone on the panel wants to opt out because their modem can’t handle the Dl, thats fine with me. But not letting them on the panel due to their modem speed is silly, Imo.

    Yolegoman, who has gone over his self-established 6 post limit per day AGAIN


    argh! ok i give up! Obviously anything i say can and will be used against me. but just to clear this up, i did NOT intend to suggest that revmen NOT ALLOW people with dial up, but that it would be a good idea that if you want reviews to be fast and not have to wait for the download. ARGH! forget i just said that, too!

    it was just a little coment, guys, please don’t take it too seriously!

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    “RevMen” wrote: I’m sure that if you read this thread and others in the site redesign forum you would find the answer several times.

    People will submit their films via a forum, then someone from the review panel will OK it and it will go live in the directory.

    has this started yet? What I want to know is has the pannel started picking movies. Are they going to go through the section and post all the old good movies or are they just going to post the new movies.
    I want to know this because I’m thinking of reposting one of my movies that hasn’t made it on to the Brickfilms directory.

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    The Janitor

    No, none of that has started yet. The panel hasn’t even been selected yet.

    So just hang tight. You will be able to submit your films soon enough.

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