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    The election starts one week from now. Assuming no further candidates are nominated, here’s who I’ll be voting for. Don’t agree with me? Let’s discuss it!

    Minister of Film Contests – I’m truly disappointed to not see more candidates for this important role. However, I am very happy to see Richard Frost’s interest, as he is a very bright and capable person. He’s also a mature adult, which will certainly help in communicating with contest sponsors.

    Minister of Discussion – Cometgreen is one of the most dedicated members of the brickfilms community. He is, admittedly, a bit on the liberal side but, I believe, within the realm of reason. He has a very good sense of fairness and fairness is probably the most important attribute of a Minister of Discussion in my view.

    Minister of Film Ratings – Ladon came right out of the gate with a nearly complete plan upon his nomination. I don’t agree 100% with his plan as it is now, but the reality is that by passing authority into the hands of brickfilmers I’m not going to be able to have everything just the way I like it. What I do like is his ambition to improve a somewhat neglected area of our site and the thought he’s already put into doing it.

    Minister of Community Projects – Lechnology has already shown a real interest in leading cooperative film projects and has displayed some success in bringing groups of filmmakers together. I believe that, with the assets of behind him, he will be able to lead a successful community project in his term.

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    I’m Watson, and I approve this message.

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    Yeah sure whatever.

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    I’m still undecided about cometgreen. Although I’m sure he doesn’t mean to, he can come across as being a bit arrogant at times. But then he is big on justice…

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    I’m not Watson, but I still aprove this message.
    well, most of it

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    Night Owl

    I approve as well.

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    I approve, as well, I think…

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    I totally agree. Personally, each of these candidates are fully capable of doing a superb job in their various areas and shaping into an even better place. Besides Richard Frost, Lechnology; Ladon; and Cometgreen have all made thought-provoking, enjoyable, and technically fascinating brickfilms. I believe the dedicated and committed effort each of them puts into making a brickfilm will become the same type of effort they put into their given tasks. Richard Frost, I feel, is also perfect as the minister of film contests because he’s a “mature adult… very bright.” :)

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    Well, I see I have no supporters…

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    I approve.

    Everyone else is doing it.

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