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    As the official candidate for Minister of Film Contests for the What Would RevMen Do Party and the Puppy Sponsored Freedom & Liberty Party, I would like to present my Manifesto and proposal for the 2007 Brickfilms Contest.

    In addition to my official nomination statement (see below) I thought it might be worthwhile outlining my thoughts as to how I would organise this year’s main Brickfilms competition…

    If elected, I would organise the following competition…

    WRAP – Work, Rest and Play

    Within this broad title, filmmakers would be allowed to interpret the subject matter as appropriate, but the film must feature all three subjects, Work, Rest AND Play. I believe this allows for a very broad range of interpretation and look forward to what our collective imaginations can come up with.

    The competition rules will be unchanged from previous years apart from…

    – The maximum time limit will be reduced to 6 minutes. This allows more films to be shown in a one hour viewing sesssion. It means the quality can be kept high and scripts must be kept tight. It also means filmmakers who are preparing a MoB entry will not be unduly disadvantaged by those who aren’t – removing the temptation to wow us with a 10 minute epic. Of course it also takes into account the amount of time available to make the film.

    – The subject matter must be kept suitable for family viewing in order to qualify for showing at Brickfest. Anyone wishing to use adult subject matter may be excluded from certain awards, from showing at Brickfest and, possibly, from inclusion on any DVD produced following the competition.

    There would be a brief period of consultation following the election and then the competition would launch mid February with a closing date of early July. The consultation would cover clarification of the subject matter, prize categories, and side competitions, e.g. trailer competitions.

    Manifesto Statement

    I believe the main job of this ministry is to promote the production of films by this community, using competitions, challenges, prizes and peer group reviews as the main instruments.

    For clarity, I believe this ministry has no direct ownership of annual awards, e.g. BAMPA.

    The following statement has already been posted in the WWRD Party Thread, as my bid for party nomination, and was linked to from the official WWRD Party Nomination thread by Lechnology.

    [spoiler]Whilst I have been a member of the community for a long time, I have never made anything other than a short test film. My role here has been firstly to support the efforts of my son, rstudios, and then to be a general help and support for the community. I was instrumental in organising the first Brickfilms Meet Up, in London and have contributed advice and guidance to film makers over the years. I did organise the mildly successful Anne Frank In Bricks (AFiB) contest a couple of years back, and donated a prize of one year’s Patronage to the winner, Motfilms.

    Chiefly though, I feel I have three main qualifications…

    1) As a non-film maker, I have absolutely no conflict of interest and would never want to enter a film myself.
    2) I have done it before (AFiB) and have been a film reviewer for two years now and am joint third in the total number of films reviewed (which ignores the much larger number of films reviewed and rejected). I am experienced in providing fair, unbiased reviews of films and am therefore well qualified to organise and coordinate the judging of a contest.
    3) I have much experience organising projects and making things happen in my ‘real life’ work, and feel well qualified in organising the mechanics of a contest and contacting potential sponsors or donators of prizes.

    My manifesto is simple…

    1) In the first six months before re-election, I would change very little. The important thing to do in this time period would be to organise and launch the major competition we run each year. The major decision to make immediately would be whether the competition can start as late as February and still be ready to show the films at Brickfest.
    2) I would canvass the members on whether in future we want to run contests as in previous years. The intention here would be to hand over to the next Minister (or myself if re-elected) a draft annual plan outlining the timings for any official major and minor contests, how the judging will work, mechanics for submission etc..
    3) I would want to take a view from the community on the level of support for all the unofficial contests and find a home for them. Ideally, if we can agree some simple criteria and keep the number down to a sensible level, it should be perfectly feasible to have members running their own specialist contests with a minimum level of official support, e.g. a place to upload entries, a standard template for judging etc..

    I wish to contribute to this community in the best way possible, but cannot commit to be on the site every day. I feel this Ministry provides a good balance between my skills and the amount of commitment I can give. Of course I will be around daily during competition launches and up to the closing period. Outside of this, I believe my two or three times a week appearances will be acceptable.[/spoiler]
    Unofficial contests which would receive official support, at this time, would be…

    – Masterpieces of Brickfilming (MoB)
    – Twenty Four Hour Animation Contest (THAC)
    – Nadine & Charlie

    I would also propose the following less formal contest…

    WARP – Weird and Rather Perturbing Challenge

    This would run for the duration of 2007 and would be an opportunity for filmmakers to express their wackiness and general disdain for the normal rules of filmmaking. There would be no restriction on publishing completed films, meaning they could be posted when ready, thus providing a constant stream of amusing films throughout the year. Some filmmaker’s normal output would immediately qualify for this challenge.

    I expect this would run along very similar lines to the Anne Frank in Bricks (AFiB) contest which ran in 2004/2005.

    Finally, I would strongly recommend that the Minister elected, whoever it is, is in place until September, not July. The problem is that there would be a distracting reelection during the closing/judging period of the contest. I think it would be best to complete the contest before organising the election.[/url]

    Edited to change the name of the challenge to WARP

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    Some very good thoughts, sir. I am very pleased that you are interested in taking this role on.

    This allows more films to be shown in a one hour viewing sesssion.

    If we get the room all to ourselves like we did last year (and I think we will), this will be a null issue.

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    I like the idea of giving unofficial contests support. Perhaps Brickfilms could work with the organizers to bring additional prizes into the mix? (Particularly in the case of MoB.)

    -Smeagol, who is not in it for the prizes, but just thinks it’d be nice.

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    You’ve made it clear you want to keep the Official Contests forum as clean as possible, so I thought I’d pose this possibly stupid question here:

    As I understand it, the usual August Brickfest has been canceled this year, but you’ve kept the six minute time limit for the same reason you listed here. Does this mean the next big contest will be produced for and screened at the Chicago event in the early summer? If not, is the shorter time limit still necessary?

    Cometgreen, who totally won’t enter anyway (but is very interested in WARP)

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    Same reason as here, and also because there is a June Brickfest or Brickworld or something.

    WARP will definitely be running as a theme throughtout the year.

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