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    “Cometgreen” wrote: This is the one thing that interests me right now. Does this mean that you intend to heavily moderate the technical forums like Animation/Effects, Hardware/Software, and Sound? As in, complete uptight, need-to-be-accepted-before-posting kind of forum? Any new thread asking an old question is thrown away, any response that does not satisfactorily answer the question is deleted, that kind of thing. This kind of style makes perfect sense in the contest forums, as they exist solely to discuss contests, and so only practical contests need to be discussed.

    But do you think that the technical forums need stronger moderation than we currently have?

    Yes I do. Not in a completely uptight way. But, if someone starts a lightsaber thread, I would PM them a response saying why the thread was deleted and I would point them at an established lightsaber thread.

    I think this technique makes it easier to find what you are looking for and eventually people would not need to create new threads.

    There might even be a thread for people to ask ‘where’s the best (insert subject here) thread’, although this might discourage proper use of search.

    I would also work with the Minister of Filming Resources to make the FAQ and resources more noob friendly, if necessary, by asking the noobs for feedback on why they couldn’t find what they were looking for.

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    Mr frost receives my full and complete support. and my (by now) redundant holler of “seconded”.

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    Night Owl

    I like the idea of, if a newbie posts a rather dumb question, deleting the thread and PMing the newbie. So, as I said, I’d be happy to support you and be your deputy.

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    “Night Owl” wrote: So, as I said, I’d be happy to support you and be your deputy.

    I could just appoint anyone I like, and who wants to do it, as my deputy. I would, however, prefer it to be someone the community wants. So I’m likely to ask the runner up, should I be the winner, to do that role.

    “Cometgreen” wrote: I think it can be beneficial and keep things focused, but I get caught up on a free speech attitude. I believe that, by keeping discussions relatively open, there’s a better chance of some new idea or technique being brought up, and it is better to keep things mellow.

    Whilst I’m favour of free speech, I think the technical forums should remain focussed. The best example I can think of right now is the Flying Pickles thread, begun by Digital Dave. This thread has constantly been revisited and added to, and has by default become a great resource for people wanting to know how to make things fly.

    I don’t see why this couldn’t work for light sabres, etc. etc.. I would delete superfluous threads and move the post into the relevant thread, corrected for spelling, grammer, punctuation and smilies, if there was a new question being asked. If not, I would simply point the poster at the relevant thread.

    What should then happen is a virtuous circle, where the technical forums become cleaner, therefore easier to use, therefore less full of dross, therefore easier to manage.

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    I second you.

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    Got my vote.

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    RP Hoogle

    I think I might vote for you. I would also like to be the deputy if the runner up declines (unlikely though).

    If you were to delete topics then PM them what would happen if you were away and a number of replies had been posted?

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    So long as a clear precedent is set, I assume other moderators can fill the same role when richard isn’t around.

    However, it is true that threads can get replies quite quickly. Are you fine with removing these responses? Will you include the contents of the replies in your PM to the thread poster? What if someone spent quite a bit of time writing their reply?


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    If the reply was useful, it would get spliced onto the main thread. If there isn’t a suitable thread, then the original thread could remain, but might get edited for clarity and to remove any worthless responses.

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