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    “RevMen” wrote: Pierre got in touch with me and he’ll be returning soon with a new podcast episode. So the Minister of Broadcasting is not up for election.

    Three of our ministries are not up for election: Minister of Site Infrastructure (Z), Minister of Truth (Schlaeps), and Minister of Film Reviewal (An Old Ore). The position of Minister of Broadcasting (PierreFilms) was going to have an election, but this was later cancelled, as the above quote hightlights. These ministers have been allowed by RevMen to hold their current positions without having to be elected. All of our other ministries are open for election.

    Each of these ministries are public offices; representative of brickfilms – including the podcast. It uses heavy brickfilms resources, and thus costs the site a lot of money. It’s also very important in attracting interest in our site and our hobby. It’s an important department.

    Unfortunately, it’s been thoroughly mis-managed for months now. Suddenly, unexpectedly, its leader disappeared, without the foresight of putting someone in charge during his absence. Upon his return, in the midst of a shower of complaints, he hurries out a new podcast to ease the dissent. The podcast is 127 MB in size – over twice the size of the original, high-quality version of the film. This puts tremendous loads on our servers. Loads that we are now feeling as slowdowns on the site, and perhaps even in complete blockages of service.

    If another minister not only did nothing, but behaved in a rash, callous, and irresponsible way, we would consider it outrageous if their position was not put up for election at the appropriate time. Hands down. This, however is not the case with our current Minister of Broadcasting.

    I realize that the podcast has long been a personal project of Pierre’s, and that this is a major reason why RevMen is reluctant to put his position up for election. However, this is an official project, and as we have seen by the recent forum access issues, it has a major bearing on the community.

    As I see it, there are two options: Either put Pierre’s job up for re-election, or make the Official Brickfilms Podcast unofficial, and have it find its own resources.

    To hide a minister who shows gross negligence towards his duties from the vote of the people is ridiculous, and a complete disgrace to our democratic process. It is, in fact, awfully close to being scandalous.

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    Why Z and AOO though? They seem to work very hard. Or are you just speaking of Peirre?
    EDIT: Ok, I got it. You just confused me by including the other positions.

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    Squash, you clearly misread the post. The fact that Z, Schlaeps, and AOO are not up for re-election seems more or less justified. The issue is the podcast. Personally I think the podcast situation is very worthy of debate at the current time, and it’s a shame that despite our whole democratic system, we don’t seem to have any say in its management.

    I’d be disappointed to lose the benefits that the podcast brings us, but we should still have the option for reform. We all face the server problems and delays. In times of the podcast’s peak activity (for months straight prior to its abandonment), the site has become so slow for me as to be completely useless. If the podcast is a site function, why should we not have the ability to decide who’s in charge of it?

    Why is it so radical to suggest that we should have some say in how the podcast is run? Why is it blasphemous to suggest that anyone besides Pierre be in charge of the podcast when it is presented as a site function moreso than a personal endeavor?

    The server problems and the apparent official endorsement of Apple by this website would not be an issue if Pierre made hosting the podcast his own responsibility. But as an official part of brickfilms.com, it should be entirely within the checks and balances of our democratic system.

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    Rev is very nice to give us a democratic system, and to let us vote on the majority of staff positions in our community.

    He doesn’t have to…but he does this to keep us interested and contributing.

    It’s great to see you guys getting involved in the democratic system – but nobody promised everything was going to be user-run. This is Rev’s forum. He has the discretion, and responsibility to select which ministries should go to election.

    Let’s repay his time and contribution by being mature enough to appreciate the imput he lets us have. :)


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    I think that Community Projects, Minister of Truth and Minister of Broadcasting should be up for election, but less often. Maybe once a year.

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    Im sort of with watson here. Even though its his project (pierre) it is still using brickfilm resources, and should do it properly or give it to someone else.

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    In cases like these, it would probably be best to have a vice-minister available to cover for the Minister. The Minister of Discussion chair was replaced by the runner up when the elected official had to step down. The Minister of Information chair was abdicated by one and replaced by a non-elected member. I, the Minister of Community Projects, had already added two members to the Community Projects group as Vice-ministers.

    However, people will argue that vice-minister should be elected, not appointed, so I don’t know

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    Well, I don’t think we should be so harsh on Pierre. The podcast is his brain-child, and it’s been very successful despite what a simple concept it is – but I think he still deserves some credit for it. I have no problem with him taking a break from the site for a little while. (It might have been nice of him to find a temporary replacement, but then I doubt he planned on leaving altogether for a couple months.) I agree that pressuring him to as was done probably wasn’t the nicest thing to do, and while posting a huge file before having the chance to refine it to a more reasonable size was a mis-step, I certainly don’t think Pierre deserves to be impeached for it. In the end, I trust Rev to make this decision and I don’t think a revolt is necessary.

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    This isn’t really a question about Pierre, it’s about how you want the site run. I think there are certain jobs at brickfilms to which a democratic election won’t necessarily suit, like site infrastructure, etc. Whether the Podcast is one of these jobs I don’t know.

    But then, our illustrious leader has always said that he would like to see Brickfilms running itself one day. This would inevitably require all positions to be decided democratically. Perhaps we should stop delaying the inevitable and hold an election for the Podacst sooner rather than latter.

    Let us not forget, however, that Pierre and his team have given us 21 perfect podcasts in the past. If it where to go to vote, I don’t know of anyone that I would consider more suit ed to the job.

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    You do, of course, realize that this podcast will be popular with or without being official, right?

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