Rocketmen Vs Robots episode 2 official release 4.may.2003

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    Work is finally complete on the sequel to Rocketmen Vs. Robots.
    I plan to release it on may 4, just to give me enough time to watch
    it over a few more times and fix any screw-ups that I might have missed

    You can watch the trailer here:

    Oh yes, the computer voices are back. 😛

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    Grrh! Arghh! Down with puter voices!

    Eagerly awating May 4th!

    Oh and get better music! It needs better music! …….

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    Mr. Less

    Awesome! :woo I eagerly awit May 4th

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    Wow, that looks great! The green guy doing a “maneuver” and taking out the robots looks awesome. May 4th is too far away for me, being the instant gratification person that I am.

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    May 4th,

    Thats tooo long.

    But I’ll wait.

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    ghost of mc

    personnally i dislike cgi but your lego cgi looks great!!!

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    okay… I read “Rocketmen Vs Robots episode 2 official release “ and I was all like ”
    then I read “4.may.2003″ and I was all like ” 😐 ……………… 😡

    you TEASE!

    I’m looking forward to it. *starts counting* 8)

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    That was unbeliveable! I noticed you don’t use real lego people but create them on the computer using a 3D program. They are very very pricey. I have one here worth $ 2000 except I don’t use it because our computer can’t handle it. No no, we are not rich, I got it free. Damn computer….

    Just think what you could do with creating real people instaed of brick people. (I know i’m discouraging brick filming. But hey!)

    I give just the trailer so far 40 thumbs up. Can’t wait ’til the release!

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    Ok, here’s a little teaser trailer to get the ol’ saliva flowing even faster
    (the old trailer just didn’t do the action scenes justice 😉 )

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    LOL, that’s just cruel. 😉


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