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    RP Hoogle

    RP Hoogle For Minister Of Information

    After some thinking I have decided to run for Minister Of Information. My main goal would be to update the news page at least once every week but of coarse if there is no news I won’t. As they say ”You can’t milk a BULL”

    The news which would be added would be news which concerns the community, news in the Lego world and general animation news.

    Community news will cover; Competitions, Community Projects, Brickfilming Events (such as Steinerei and Bampas), Official Podcast (the Minister Of Broadcasting can of coarse post about this) and Politics*

    *I will not be reporting on politics as much as it has been. Election will be reported on but I will not post any news about voting on propositions or any other political news as this only really concerns the 120, or so, voters. I don’t feel that this news warrants a mention on the front page and I would like more of a focus on the brickfilming itself but it will get mentioned

    Lego news would be news about; News about Lego sites e.g. If Bricklink went down I’m sure a lot of us would like to hear, New Lego sets if they seem to interest brickfilmers (such as the Café Corner since it aesthetically looks good and would feel nice in a brickfilm) and any general brick news.

    General animation (Stop-Motion) news would just cover new films which are filmed in stop-motion. This however wont be reported on a lot since there is a big decline in commercial Stop-Motion films. Though any interesting non commercial films could be reported.

    The featured film will be updated twice a month. At the start and in the middle. I KNOW roughly 15 days in the spotlight is great for the author and this time will allow quite a lot of people to view it. If anyone disagrees with my time period please post suggestions but I am not willing to go under the rough 15 period.

    Overall the news section will be dominated by community news as I KNOW this is the most important

    I AM I am a good person for the job as I have frequently visited the site for the last 2 years so I highly doubt any news will get past me. The only downside is that I am dyslexic but having said that all posts will be done in a word processor and triple checked.
    That’s all I have to say now it’s over to you.
    “You Can’t Milk A BULL!”

    EDIT: Revised post

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    Well, aside from the assaulting blue/purple text – I think you have some good points.

    As the election commissioner, I do like to see some news on politics. Maybe something bimonthly that lumps it all into one? Not necessarily a separate post for each political event, but you have to remember that you’re needing to inform the *whole* community. Excluding the voters isn’t exactly the best way to get votes. 😛

    I like the diversity of your goals for the news – I’m surprised no one else has commented on your post yet. You’re the only one I’ve seen to delineate this concretely what you will and will not do.

    One question, though:

    Are you open to suggestions and revisions to your stance based on the members imput?

    Also – I noticed your platform had a lot of ‘I think’, and ‘I feel’ statements. You’re the one giving the stance, everyone knows that. Be concrete and decisive. “This IS important” rather than “I think this is important.”

    Just that slight modification will stregthen anyone’s campaign. You’re the one posting it, we don’t need to be told that over and over. 😉

    I like the frequency of how often you plan to update, not too often – but enough to keep people informed. I also love your slogan. It’s catchy and memorable – just what a campaign slogan should be.

    Other people shold definitely see your stance. :) I think a lot of the candidates for MoI have potential; and I’m disappointed not to see more comments and suggestions for this campaign platform


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    Ooh purple, I should have seconded you. Too late.

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    RP Hoogle

    Trill I take on board your suggestion of a bulk political news article. Just a round up of the political news as it is still important to the site I just wanted Brickfilming to be the main focus.

    My views on members imput. I will allow members too PM news which they think is news page worthy

    • *Does the news concern a large number of members? if not a simple topic on the forums should cover the smaller number

      *Is this news just news about your film? If it is just simply that you would like to mention something about your film i.e. “My film which looked amazing is cancelled” don’t bother sending it to me. However if it is that your film managed to get shown at a film festival or you have won an award I may post it but I will be careful not to make the New Page over personalised

    That is about all the points I can think of just now. Anyway I am more than likely to be appointing aides anyway but imput is allowed.

    Bert you should read every post before seconding.

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    RP Hoogle

    I’ve decided that I would not like to run any more this half of the year is going to be really busy for me so I wont run. I have exams at school and other work.

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    But… but…. you can’t milk a bull!


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