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    The software I use to animate my films. help and tips for anyone who uses it!

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    To change the frame rate go to tools, options and then click editing and change the still image duration to the preffered rate.

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    to change the aspect ratio to 16:9 or to 4:3 go to file, project settings and choose.
    Then export as HD 16:9 or 4:3. If an error dialogue box pops up the frame size is not the same in the project and export.

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    under media, library open up samples by clicking the little + sign, then open quickshapes for shapes and the animated clock (time passing) effect. open overlays for cool news banners like on BBC News, a flying through clouds effect and more!

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    Good tips. Thanks for posting!

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    If movement is too fast/slow you can change duration of images slightly by highlighting (click in an empty space in the timeline and drag over the pics you want to speed up/down) and then mousing over the last highlighted image’s border. Then you should see a zig-zag arrow- click and drag to shorten/lengthen each image at the same time.:)

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    Anna C.

    Thanks for the tips! This is the first time I’ve heard of this software.

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    To crop the frames to 16:9 HD, make sure your settings are HD, select all the frames then click the little box just above the timeline which should say something like “letterbox” and change it to crop” . Make sure you remember where the image will be chopped when shooting, some tape on the display screen on a dslr should help. :)

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    Anna C.

    TripleD, may I ask? Why do you prefer this software over all the other softwares out there? What are the advantages? Thanks

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