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    Hey evrybudy!
    I’m making this film here about this guy playing his guitar. It’s actually a music video. I’ve only got like the first 30 or so seconds done, but it’s taking forever. It’s not the animating part that’s annoying me, it’s the trying to get it to match the music and vocals perfectly. I must have redone some of the scenes at least 3 times. NEways, this isn’t all that happens in the film. Once the chorus starts, all these lego figs form out of the floor and start dancing around him, like a concert without a stage. Then when the chorus is done, all the legos go back into the floor and he’s left by himself again. I’d really like to see this completed, but I don’t know if I have the kind of time it’s taking me to get each motion perfectly in sync with the music. Please reply with your suggestions. Thanx!


    Mr. Less

    😮 Thats pretty good. But the whole music video doesn’t need to be just him playing a guitar. Spaz it up a little.



    Really good! Great, in fact! I loved it. Only, do what idiotless said to do and itll be amazing



    WOAH!!! 😮 That’s… that’s…. THAT’S INCREDIBLE! Nate, for a starter your very good! 😮 😮 😮 Continue it! Maybe you should have two people playing the guitar in your music video! That would make it even better! 😎 😎 😎



    Now I know 2 great at filming Nates! Nate Burr (Bluntman) and YOU!
    Great Film!


    The Janitor

    This is very cool. You should certainly continue. Don’t let the amount of time it takes you to make it stop you. Just don’t rush through it, and you’ll be fine.



    Looking good so far. Was the guy made with Galidor?



    I hear drums, I hear bass guitat, but I can’t see them.
    Is it a band or a solo singer with his guitar.

    Yeah go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    “WeirdEars” wrote: Now I know 2 great at filming Nates! Nate Burr (Bluntman) and YOU!
    Great Film!

    *COUGH* I’m a Nate*Cough*



    😀 thanks for all the comments! 😀
    I guess it is worth the time after all.
    To answer a few questions, I am going to have another guitar player come out of the ground for a guitar solo. The guy was a Stikfas figure. And right now, I really want drums to be a part of it, but it would be really hard to make out of clay or something, although I have seen a Kiss action figure at Hastings with a drumset included. And us nathans (or nates) obiously have GREAT talent 8) .hehe
    thanx again!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 13 total)

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