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    “dewfilms” wrote: … the more I think about it, this is more of a miniseries than a sitcom.

    What is the main difference? If it was a sitcom, then would it span over an indefinite number of episodes? Could it be a miniseries of sitcom episodes? I do not understand… 🙁 Well, are you saying that each episode would have different characters? That would mean the end of the whole idea!!! 🙁


    “dewfilms” wrote:
    Different directors could make separate episodes but stick to the same theme. For instance, how about a sitcom about all the comical things that happen while making a brickfilm? Anyone & everyone could contribute. I’m sure a lot of us have funny stories.

    To stick with the sitcom theme: I say use a permanent cast of maybe two characters. These would be fictious animator-directors. Then every part-taking director (the real ones) makeys one episodey with additional characters, maybe themselves appearing, for example the professional Rapunzel director stopping by to give these two some valuable tips. 🙂

    “dewfilms” wrote: Also, when I read Bluntman’s comments it hit me that not everyone uses the same programs to make films. I got caught up in the idea but did not think it out carefully. 🙁

    Is it neccessary for the episodes to look exactly alike? WHY? Or would it be that footage by different directors be edited together to make an episode? So one director works on only one set? 😕 For if a director makes a whole episode, then I would not be too concerned with them having the exact same sets. 🙂

    “motfilms” wrote: …the script team… Anyone applying would have to have some kind of experience writing comedy to be accepted.

    I am wondering what “some kind of experience” refers to… I am quite sure every writer (=director in most cases) here has “some kind of experience” in writing comedy. 😀 Would it be that the other members of the script team would have to find the applicant`s previous work “funny”. PE would sure like to be part of this but a script supervised by motfilms is doomed to turn into nonsense penguinism 😆

    “motfilms” wrote: Then finding animators would take place… One animator would build one set, and animate all of the scenes taking place there for all four episodes written. Say each episode is five minutes long, and each set is featured for approximately one minute.

    Now it gets real tricky… What framerate? What kind of previous achievements are required? This animating part actually consists of animating, directing, acting (how the characters move, the voices are naturally by the same people in all the episodes), catering and cinematography.

    Sorry I have no idea of how the previous community protzekts turned out but it is quite obvious that a storyboarding team is to be set to maintain a consistent look for an episode edited together from work of different directors. 😕

    PE is more interested in having one directing team animate and do all the directing work that it actually includes on one episode, rather than divide it. It would still be an overall Communitzy Protzekt with a common theme/characters, voice acting, script and storyboards. 🙂

    “motfilms” wrote: Maybe only the editing should be done the week the episode is released, instead of doing everything that week. That would take pressure off of everyone, and the show could still be released weekly.

    Yes, sounds good taking the time to do all the script writing and storyboarding and directing and when everybody is finished, then just release the episodes weekly. BUT: wasn`t the original idea to produce these episodes REALLY fast? Is this now being replaced with a really BIG and LONG Protzekt?





    That would be a good idea, but you have to have lots of time ’cause
    a sitcom needs many episodes.




    Curse you Mr. Green! 😉 What’s sad is that they probably think they’re so clever for animating toys. Ignorance is bliss. 🙂

    I agree with Bluntman that a sitcom is near-impossible to achieve as of right now. Even if it could be done, I seriously doubt it would be quality work (no offense, just my observation on these sorts of projects). However, a miniseries is much more manageable and a better idea. It will still be really hard to do, but I’m guessing it would be something like the old Director’s Project, or what I originally thought the Community Project would be.

    I doubt I will be able to participate (though I can help with some digital stuff, like maybe help create the opening), but I’ll stick around and give any input I may have.




    project as this is definitelly to create even with lot’s of quality.
    all it would require is the most talented and most experianced people in brick animation.
    all in all leaded by a good leader (director)


    Actually, the new ‘series of movies’ i’m planning to create ( (sorry for that, just dunno how to make a serious link) would look like some sort of sitcommy thing. Maybe it doesn’t belong here .. but could anybody help me write scripts and stuff ?
    I’m not that funny. Well, atleast my movies aren’t …



    Willemse Productions you need to make 1 epsiode first, then if you have fun making it then create another and so on.

    You should have asked your question in your thread.

    You create hyperlinks by posting the url without putting brackets around it.


    okay, thanx 😳

    I’m testing an episode right now, but don’t really know what story I could use. But it is fun.



    ok, this is my idea, what if a couple of directors took one idea, and stretched that one idea into their own creation, for example, hellboy werid tales, each artist made their own portrait of the character, it could be the same character, but in different sittuations, not exactly continuitity, but something close… 😕 just thinking.

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