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    guitar man

    hmm, Several a problems with this grand idea yes. But how about this, instead of taking turns by episode we take turns be season, and instead on releasing them on a weakly basis we could go by months or several weeks. But the animators would have to be very devoted to make a whole season. We could also go by quarter seasons or half seasons…. iunno, just a suggestion.



    Maybe some people could do only one season a year, and that one season would air during the long summer break. About 8 episodes a year could qualify as a mini-series I geuss. I also like the idea guitar man has said above about making a episode every month or so, that gives people more time to write a good script and get all of the animation done that needs to be done.



    I think a mini-series produced by the community would be a great showpiece to show anyone who’s interested in animating – it’s also a great way to find out who’s really serious about animating and getting involved. *hint* *hint*

    It would be a great way to show everyone what a few animators can do. A good idea for a mini-series that would also teach newcomers about brickfilming techniques would be about a few people in film college or somthing who animate with Lego, and they have crazy lives or somthing. Just an idea.



    “Dewfilms” wrote: In the General topic forum, someone made a suggestion about a Brickfilm sitcom:

    Of course this is a fine idea but as some fellow brickfilmers pointed out, there are drawbacks to making a sitcom (Time, devotion, energy, etc.).

    Instead of one person doing a sitcom every week, why not a group of people make a sitcom. That way there is not a lot of pressure on just one person.
    One thing about a group of people making a sitcom is that they all have to have the same minifigs, props, etc.
    This would take a lot of work and a lot of group effort.

    I just wanted to see what all of you thought of this idea.

    It also talked about a talk show. I think that talk show would be cool. It could probably only be two or three people, though. (I think)



    Free TV Francis is a scheduled sitcom.



    Now there is a bump and a half… I make it three years.



    I was gonna make a sitcom a while ago, but I never had time to make new episodes, and I couldn’t think of a story that kept going.




    scotty h

    great idea ill help



    This sounds like a great idea, I think we needs groups of 5 people who make a new episode every week. And every week the group of people changes.

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