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    Guess what!!!
    School is almost out!!!!!
    Just a Feeeeeeeeeeeeewww more weeks!
    Just to let ya’ll know, I’m currently not interested in brickfilming at all!!!
    My main focus is on girls, cars, and more girls! But I always have those unfinished films in the back of my mind. So many of them, haunting me in 2nd period geometry where our teacher is gay and doesn’t let the guys sit next to the girls. 😡
    Oh well. That’s why I look forward to summer so much. Before I discoverd brickfilming, I used to hate those long summer days when everyone else was on vacation and I had to sit at home all alone. But now I quickly pass those hours with ease! Bwahahahahahaha! 😆
    I’m about half way through a really funny movie right now, and am sure I’ll have it done within a month of summer vacation. I have a few more that are about 1/100th of the way done.

    Yeah well NEways, I want to know what movies everyone is planning on releasing over the summer. Let everyone know!

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    Well, for me, it’s a while to go, since I only got back to school for Term 2.

    Anyways, I’ve finished filming my first actual film a little while ago, but i’ve still got to do voice overs, which I havn’t had a chance to do for a while.

    So, it should be out soon :)

    Not sure what to name it yet, but the two people (Or mini figures) in it are named Fred & Steve :)

    SkEtChY :)

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    Here we go-

    Star Wars-The Last Stand
    Gladiator Brothers
    Curse of the Black Lego
    The Cube Parts II-III

    That’s it.I’ll finish at least one by the summer. 8)

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    Drunken Farmer Ben

    12th, not homeschooled, and I just got an invitation to the Statistics Department at the college Im going to, which is ranked top 5 in the nation 8) (Im still ditching math to get doughnuts tommorow:o)


    In 12th grade…homeschooled in 5th.

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    I’m not homeschooled either. And I’m in something like 17th grade.

    In case you were wondering.


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    For anybody else whos wondering, i’m NOT homeschooled, and in 10th. suckas!

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    For anybody that’s wonderng, I’m Homeschooled, in the 8th grade. 8)

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    Start am movie or write a script for the 1st time ever


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    Im only 13 , i don’t have a car , Im home schooled , so im out early , 7th grade sucks!

    Home-schooled! 8) Rock on TitanTiger!!

    Unfortunately I have to start classes at the community college next fall. But this summer my partners and I will hopefully finish our long Star Wars film making fun of just about everything in Star Wars.

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    Uh, should I share movies I “own the rights to”? 😀

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