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    Still a month and a half left here.
    Over the summer, I hope to complete my Roman-era film, 18th Column, which I have not been able to work on much in the past eight months. I have over six minutes filmed, I think, (maybe seven?) with two more to go, plus sound, credits, editing, etc. There is some slightly outdated info on my website; link below.
    By the way, Brian of Gep, what Roman-themed film are you working on now?


    * Off-Topic*
    In response to Ben, I have enrolled in the local Community College near here. It has an electrical program (residential wiring) I want to take. From there, I dunno yet. May go somewhere else, havn’t decided yet. Rice? Just trying to put some neon on my Neon. I would probably turn it into a dune buggy or rally car b4 I rice it all the way. Bush guard on front, KC lights on top, 4 in lift, 32 in. tires….man that would be sweet. Sorry to get so off topic.
    Perhaps a lego street racing movie, complete with neon under the cars. Hmm….have to film in low light situations though wouldn’t be too bad. Would be kewl though.

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    Im only 13 , i don’t have a car , Im home schooled , so im out early , 7th grade sucks! But back to the point..

    Im working on

    Lego Survivor (10-15 minutes an episode , in little bits and pieces)
    Titan (20-30 Minutes)
    a couple tests (upto 2 minutes each)
    and a short by the name of Gun Ghost. (5-10 minutes) :mischief :wink


    OK. Neon lights usually just send up a signal. Hmm, a street racing movie. And ideas on how to rig up the light? Im thinking of a LED hooked up to a watch or hearing aid battery? Be bright and small.

    Im going to BYU next fall. Except I dont think Ill be able to film once I get there :( I wont be able to take any of my filming stuff with me. I may break down and get a web cam, and but a little set or two. So, Id like to maybe get a Deathmatch 4 in over the summer. (Wow, I kept it on topic to the thread, which is somewhat off topic of the board)

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    Don’t make any plans just life day to day.


    Patryk makes a good point. However, sooner or later, some plans have to be made.

    DFB, I probably would go with mini glowsticks (If I go through with project). The low light filming wouldn’t be too bad since my newer cam requires much more light than my cs110. I could just use the same amout as I would for the cs.

    Tervuren, Aston Martin! Man, am I jealous.

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    Seeing as I started brickfilming as an independant study class, I will probably not be making anything for ahwile after school ends. I plan on getting a camera to use to make films at home but we get out in May and for the whole month of June I will be plane hopping to hockey tournaments, Boys State(someone shoot me now. anyone who knows what this is will pity me) and some Rotary bullcrap “leadership” weekend “getaway”. After that I gotta find a new job to try and pay for car insurance and, well, the car. I’m looking at getting a Jeep Cherokee 4WD. As for girls, well, right now I am getting over the last one that sort of brushed me aside. Anywhoo…

    We are working on the second episode in our “Ben & Jerry” series. It is simply entitled(for the moment anyway) “The Apartment”. We are also supposed to have another film completed by the end of the year. That gives us about 20 class periods of 45 minutes each to complete “The Apartment” and make an entire new one thats supposed to be of “a decent length”. We got enough people complaining about needing an Arts/Tech credit interested so that next year maybe we might have around 8 people or so working on the “7th Hour Productions” project. If nothing else, thats a good amount of voice actors.

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    “strongest of the weak” wrote: * Off-Topic*
    I would probably turn it into a dune buggy or rally car b4 I rice it all the way. Bush guard on front, KC lights on top, 4 in lift, 32 in. tires….man that would be sweet.

    Here is my car I talked about, your post aboug high ground clearance, large tires…well couldn’t resist posting mine!

    As for a racing movie, I would do it if I didn’t already have my Starknights project cut out for me.

    I have a few scale model cars that my legos fit in. :D

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    Brian of Gep

    Well, now I’m definetly looking forward to summer as I was recently grounded for not making the A-honor roll (I made A/B, though)…

    It’s stupid.

    Platypus – My Roman-themed film has undergone lots of changes since I started planning it.

    It’s probably going to be about Caligula,
    but I’m not so much writing the script now,
    but building sets.
    (i.e. constructing characters like Legionaries and Senators etc.)

    But I’ve been spending most of my time lately with my girlfriend,
    so this is looking to take a LOOOOONG time…


    :o Wow!
    I’ve never met anyone who got grounded for not making honor roll. Sorry, man. :-( My parents are happy if I’m passing, never mind all A’s, although that does happen a few times out of the year. :-o

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