skoolz almost out! What are your movies?

Guess what!!!
School is almost out!!!!!
Just a Feeeeeeeeeeeeewww more weeks!
Just to let ya'll know, I'm currently not interested in brickfilming at all!!!
My main focus is on girls, cars, and more girls! But I always have those unfinished films in the back of my mind. So many of them, haunting me in 2nd period geometry where our teacher is gay and doesn't let the guys sit next to the girls. :-x
Oh well. That's why I look forward to summer so much. Before I discoverd brickfilming, I used to hate those long summer days when everyone else was on vacation and I had to sit at home all alone. But now I quickly pass those hours with ease! Bwahahahahahaha! :lol:
I'm about half way through a really funny movie right now, and am sure I'll have it done within a month of summer vacation. I have a few more that are about 1/100th of the way done.

Yeah well NEways, I want to know what movies everyone is planning on releasing over the summer. Let everyone know!