skoolz almost out! What are your movies?

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    For anybody else whos wondering, i’m NOT homeschooled, and in 10th. suckas!

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    I’m not homeschooled either. And I’m in something like 17th grade.

    In case you were wondering.


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    In 12th grade…homeschooled in 5th.

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    12th, not homeschooled, and I just got an invitation to the Statistics Department at the college Im going to, which is ranked top 5 in the nation 8) (Im still ditching math to get doughnuts tommorow:o)

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    Here we go-

    Star Wars-The Last Stand
    Gladiator Brothers
    Curse of the Black Lego
    The Cube Parts II-III

    That’s it.I’ll finish at least one by the summer. 8)

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    Well, for me, it’s a while to go, since I only got back to school for Term 2.

    Anyways, I’ve finished filming my first actual film a little while ago, but i’ve still got to do voice overs, which I havn’t had a chance to do for a while.

    So, it should be out soon :)

    Not sure what to name it yet, but the two people (Or mini figures) in it are named Fred & Steve :)

    SkEtChY :)

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    Here in Moscow we got about 3 weeks school and then we will have 3 month holidays.

    On my summer holidays I was planning to finish my LOTR movie. I have made several secnes but deceided to start from the begging because I want to bye a new cam.

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    Cool. I am homeschooled and graduating from High School in June. Anyway, I am going to work on…
    1. The HMS Pinafore (by Gilbert and Sullivan)
    2. A Star Wars movie (Good Jedi w/ double bladed green saber:)
    3. And I have been briefly toying with an idea for making the Silmarillion (prequel book for the Lord of The Rings) btw, if anyone has any ideas for how Valar etc. would look, PLEASE send me a message (and any ideas for Ungoliant/Morgoth/Balrogs as well)
    That’s it for me!

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    Well, since I have just finished my script I will start the fillming of it. I hope it to be around 8-10 minuets.


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    Yeah, Protius, well you can forget the reatta. A damn dog ran out in the street a few weeks ago and I totalled it into a pole trying to avoid the dog. Now I got an old 93 saturn sl. he he. doesn’t really compare to the reatta, but it gets me whear I want to be.

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