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    Drunken Farmer Ben

    OK. Neon lights usually just send up a signal. Hmm, a street racing movie. And ideas on how to rig up the light? Im thinking of a LED hooked up to a watch or hearing aid battery? Be bright and small.

    Im going to BYU next fall. Except I dont think Ill be able to film once I get there :( I wont be able to take any of my filming stuff with me. I may break down and get a web cam, and but a little set or two. So, Id like to maybe get a Deathmatch 4 in over the summer. (Wow, I kept it on topic to the thread, which is somewhat off topic of the board)

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    Im only 13 , i don’t have a car , Im home schooled , so im out early , 7th grade sucks! But back to the point..

    Im working on

    Lego Survivor (10-15 minutes an episode , in little bits and pieces)
    Titan (20-30 Minutes)
    a couple tests (upto 2 minutes each)
    and a short by the name of Gun Ghost. (5-10 minutes) :mischief :wink


    * Off-Topic*
    In response to Ben, I have enrolled in the local Community College near here. It has an electrical program (residential wiring) I want to take. From there, I dunno yet. May go somewhere else, havn’t decided yet. Rice? Just trying to put some neon on my Neon. I would probably turn it into a dune buggy or rally car b4 I rice it all the way. Bush guard on front, KC lights on top, 4 in lift, 32 in. tires….man that would be sweet. Sorry to get so off topic.
    Perhaps a lego street racing movie, complete with neon under the cars. Hmm….have to film in low light situations though wouldn’t be too bad. Would be kewl though.

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    Still a month and a half left here.
    Over the summer, I hope to complete my Roman-era film, 18th Column, which I have not been able to work on much in the past eight months. I have over six minutes filmed, I think, (maybe seven?) with two more to go, plus sound, credits, editing, etc. There is some slightly outdated info on my website; link below.
    By the way, Brian of Gep, what Roman-themed film are you working on now?

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    I’m hard working as IT Engineer, so I only have a few vacations.
    Although we got many vacations in France.

    Nate, I’m LOL at your teacher who don’t want boys & girls to mix !

    On the car topic, I’ve a 1987 2 seat Renault Super5. Every 30 km trip is tiring like a StarWars interplanetary travel. 😆 😆 😆
    Anyway this is very handy to bring my 6 guitars with me :evil

    I’m planning to work the weekend for the NIS shots. Now that I’ve got a laptop, it’s WAAYY more easy.

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    I have a ’87 Opel Corsa. (Probably Vauxhall Corsa for you foreigners). No neon lights, those are not only forbidden but also quite silly.

    I think I had more sense in me when I was 17. I mean, just look at your first post… You’re welcome here nonetheless, to talk about films!

    Thanks for telling us we’re cool. We knew that already, but it’s great to be told once more 8)

    Your having 11 weeks to go before vacation,


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    Drunken Farmer Ben

    “strongest of the weak” wrote: Dude, calm. I have about 19 days left but I am not exactly dancing in the aisles. Personally, I really don’t care. This thread did remind me that I have a bit of drafting homework left to do, aswell as fill out my scholarship application. As far as films go, I have no plans to release anything over the summer. Will be too busy working and earning $$$. Need to save for college, which starts in the fall. I would like to however get a flowmaster muffler installed on my car, underglow (neon lights underneath), and a sunroof. If the time permits and inspiration is struck, I will of course animate. But I should finish current projects first.

    1. We have 6 weeks left here. I still have to much to do to count down.

    2. What college are you going to? (I just got a scholarship for half tuition Monday :D)

    3. Neon underlights? *cough*rice*cough* 😳 At least your going with flowmasters 8)

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    My car, erh cars, well just got an Aston Martin DB7 last weekend, need paint and a little work, 2002, looks good now! Its not lego though…so won’t post pictures.

    Uhh, I make no plans for releasing anything… I always seem to run into delays… Q_Q That or something new comes up.

    The series I am playing with, is “Star Knights”. It takes place in a galaxy torn by a war but recently started, many are neutral, but can they stay so as the war between the Knights prolongs?

    Its a galaxy where some are driven by greed, love of exploration, those who love to exploit the resources of new worlds, those that wish to bring peace to the galaxy, and those that…wish to dominate it for eternity through terror.

    I have the first movie done, but do to jerky camera motion, I won’t release it until I can go back and redo things. I also am thinking of “legoizing” the starships. Also working on the first movie I did’s sequel. Working on two at once, makes things go slower… I also started my first film in the middle of the series, which leaves me lots of room to film fowards and backwards.

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    Brian of Gep

    I don’t know if I care about summer starting…
    No school, but a job…
    Wait… Now I can ACTUALLY do things on weekdays!

    I’m “working” on a:
    Matrix spoof
    Roman film
    Bond spoof

    various other things that I’m gathering ideas for,
    not really to the script writing stage (anymore)…

    I’m taking my time until I solve my camera issues.

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    Alright, I’ve had my Ridelin and I am now officially calm.
    Strongest of the weak,
    :-) I have blue neons inside my car. I have a 1990 Buick Reatta! Sounds really crappy, I know. And you’r probably wondering what neon lights are doing inside of a buick, but to tell you the truth, this car is friggin awesome! It’s a 2 seater sprots coupe that was only released in 1990-92. They only made about 2500 of them. All the dials and speedometers and stuff in front of the steering wheel, it’s all digital! It has flip up lights and leather seats. It’s so kewl! Talk about chick magnet!!!!! 😎 hehe
    I just got it a few days ago.

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