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    Prog Shooter

    ya a lot of times i’ll mess up something and have to do the film over again so i go and take it out on a punching bag

    I usually just punch a wall. After pulling the puppets apart with my bare hands. They aren’t made of clay anymore; now it’s latex, so they just stretch.



    “The Doctor” wrote: Lol, I do that. Must be an Aussy thing 😛

    AHaha!, my hands are sticky from blu tac because the camera keeps flickering.

    Tip: If your doing a greenscreen/masking, take on frame then edit it the way you want so that you won’t end up spending 5 hours using a greenscreen to find out that the greenscreen reflects on to your set.

    Tip: Try to make the minifig walk as short a distance as possible, don’t have a table in the middle of the room and have to animate the minifig walking around it.



    I try to make my animation more realistic by slowing down the minifig’s movement at the end of it. Also, with large and/or fast movements, there’s a little ‘rebound’ at the very end.



    Yeah, I do that too Haz. It looks very good.



    Blender does that automatically, looks really natural.


    Max Butcher

    My tricks?

    The only one is with masking. You dont use it.

    Well, not if a guy chucks an object at a short distance. The eye is fooled, in the same way that it is tricked with stop Motion, into thinking that it is flying, when, infact, you just have one frame with the object on the edge of the hand, and then another at the edge of where it hits.

    Clever, eh?

    (Yeah, its not really that clever. It only works at short distance – around 8 studs apart max – and probally looks better with masking, but its usefull if you either dont have the tools to do masking, or if your Incredibly lazy)





    lol sounds more like a bad habit than a useful trick. although i guess it could be a time saver if used sparingly…

    my tricks:

    when animating in 3d, try to joint and animate your minifig as if it were made out of clay. I started doing this after playing lego SW and it’s really improved my animations. I dunno why but animating minifigs with stiff joints never looked good in 3d to me.

    always make a storyboard/plan out your stuff before shooting. I usually write it down in groups of frames, like this:
    frame 1-3: punch
    frame 4-5: recoil
    I find that i make way less mistakes that way, and if i’m animating a similar scene again, i have a reference that’s already been tested.


    Max Butcher

    lol sounds more like a bad habit than a useful trick. although i guess it could be a time saver if used sparingly…

    Yeah. I have only ever used it once, during THAC 4. Its a kind of THAC only trick, due to the little time you have to make the movie.




    No matter how frustratingly annoying something is DO NOT GIVE UP, even if you have to reshoot the whole movie if you have a good idea and you want to see it play out just keep trying, I had to trash the whole first episode of the lego gurmet due to camera bugs, after three weeks of “work.” If the project gets too stressful take a break, animate something short and simple, but no matter what don’t give up because then all your work will come to nothing.



    i just use u lead video studio to edit and add in sounds because it has a long bar telling u exactly where ur sounds are going and also u can mark which part in ur movie needs soundeffects and exactly where to put them.


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