So what are YOUR tricks?

Not sure if someone had already made a thread for this, but here's mine.

What are some little brickfilming tips and tricks that you've made up or developed from another idea by yourself?

I've got a couple so far...

For turning minifig heads, I didn't want to shave anything off the neck. So I do the next best thing; I shave a miniscule amount of plastic from inside the head. This means it animates smoothly, and more often than not the hair won't move unless I try to make it move.

My other one is for animating hands. I use the "pointy" end of a lego spear which slips in easily and lets me make small adjustments to rotation or position. the length helps too.

Now, I'm sure someone else has done these, but these are some little tricks I developed without influence.

So what are some little tricks you've developed? They can be for anythign, from animation to lighting to set building, etc.

Share your secrets!