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    High Tower

    It’s probably the web hosting site. I’ll get my mom to unblock it.



    Lieberman Bros.

    “Haukinger” wrote: @Lieberman: these are two different problems. If you run the camera for hours, it gets hot and the noiselevel in the images increases. On the other hand a mechanical shutter has a limited lifetime (10000 to 100000 cycles, depending on the camera, might even be lower) If you use an expensive camera, it’s a non-negligable amount of $/frame 🙂 Whether powershots in particular have problems with long operation times is beyond my knowledge…

    So you’re saying that digital cameras die after a certain number of pictures?




    “Lieberman Bros.” wrote: So you’re saying that digital cameras die after a certain number of pictures?

    Not after a certain number of pictures, but every mechanics dies at some time, shutters are no different in that regard. And you have to take into account that these cameras are not meant for what we use them for.




    I was reading through all the information I could find from the production of Corpse Bride. It is the only major film (that I know of) that is made using digital cameras the same way we use them.

    I know they bought 24 cameras, but I have not found any info on how they fared or if any of them got ‘worn out’ during production. It’s a fair bet that some got used more than others. With that kind of budget I suppose you could afford to buy the cameras and then get rid of them when you are finished. It’ll still be cheaper than buying thousands of feet of film stock and getting it developed.

    Has anybody found any info on this?



    I’ve uploaded a new version. This one finally has multi-level-onion-skinning among other features… and it might be a bit harder to crash it now 😉


    High Tower

    I can’t wait until I get my A520!



    Prog Shooter

    Sloth, has mentioned the Canon software. I’m not sure about Animateclay, though.



    Hi all !

    A new update is available (finally ;)) ! I’ve added a bunch of new features, which you hopefully find useful.
    Among these are:
    * Live-histogram in viewfinder
    * Settable image quality and size
    * AF-preview
    * Quick preview to review last few frames

    Have fun !



    I’ve always been interested in stopmotion, but never had my own camera to do it. Now that I’ve bought one, I can start venturing into this wonderful art.

    Today I started looking for software I could use, and CSMC seems to be one of the best alternatives around. My camera is a Canon SD1000, and when I create a new project on CSMC, it shows an error that says “Manual Exposure/Aperture not available”, and the program crashes. The software that came with the camera also doesn’t work for remote shooting (that button on Canon’s CameraWindow is grayed out)

    While I’m still experimenting and learning the how-to’s, I’ll just take regular pictures with the camera, and then transfer them to the computer the old-fashioned way, but it would sure be great to have one of those programs working.

    So, is CSMC not compatible with SD1000’s, or could it be a windows/driver issue? Well, even if you guys can’t solve my problems, I still hope I’ll learn a lot with this community, and Haukinger, congratulations on making such an interesting and useful software.



    SD1000 is not compatible with CSMC, as it doesn’t support remote-capture.
    Anyway even if it did, you wouldn’t want to use it if it doesn’t support manual exposure (in remote mode) as suggested by the error-message. Maybe CSMC should be a bit more verbose here 🙂

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