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May 14, 2003 at 2:42 pm #2884
Avatar of Stefan

Of course, NLC, but WhiteBalance is quite something else. It means that you get control over the way colours are represented. For example, when you film inside with a normal light bulb, your picture will look too yellow. White-balance allows you to compensate this.


May 17, 2003 at 5:43 pm #3034
Avatar of strider

Just got my camcorder. I havnt been able to use it yet, though. It does have whitebalance (3 settings: auto, indoor, outdoor) touch LCD screen (already used to it, very useful) The one I have also has a setting for stop-motion animating. It basically records exactly one second of film. For the focus, it just uses the touchpanel LCD. ~Strider

PS-the next levels up have more faders,the digital effects, and the memory stick, and the viewfinder is in color. And one thing that I do not like is that it has only output. You cannot upload movie clips off of the TV.

May 17, 2003 at 6:54 pm #3038
Avatar of Cometgreen

Every cam has white balance, but not all have manual white balance. It makes quite a difference, trust me. But don’t worry, the cam should work out well for ya. Just use proper lighting.

And that 1 second filming could work very well. You could record one second (which is 30 frames), break up the frames, and then use Valtsu’s frame averager. You will then average 30 frames. It should work pretty well. Of course, if you use SMP4, the built-in frame averager would work better and be easier.

EDIT: Is your viewfinder black and white? You may think that’s bad, but trust me, all pros dream for a black and white viewfinder rather than a color viewfinder. You get much more resolution and usually can see certain things clearer. Use your LCD to check out the colors.


May 17, 2003 at 7:05 pm #3042
Avatar of T

Of course, if you use SMP4, the built-in frame averager would work better and be easier.

Yes it do.

Well since a while I use a mini dv can, I’ve bought the cheapest one.
In the settings I’ve set all lighting and while balance thingies to manual.
But when ever my hand comes in frame to move the fig for the next frame, the lighting goes up and brights up on my hand.
I’ve tried every thing, and I will go on reseaching this,
Ps, please don’t help me on this, I want to figure it out on my self.

But what I did mention with this, make sure you don’t buy the first cam you across and make sure you don’t buy the cheapest from the serie.

EDIT: Btw, wandrer, the MiniDV has a 1/4inch CCD, which makes the miniDV even more appealing.

Well if you want to go for some really nice quality, make sure you buy a cam with a 1/3 inch CCD. So far I know that small dvcam’s do have such CCD, but they are twice more expensive then a average costs for a mini dv.

But to directly give you advice on what you are asking I would suggest you a mini dv cam.

May 18, 2003 at 12:49 am #3059
Avatar of hali

Of course, if you use SMP4, the built-in frame averager would work better and be easier.

You know, I was considering upgrading to a video camera for my filming until I started using SMP4. Seriously, the jump in image quality is amazing with my Kodak DVC 325 (and it was pretty good to start with).


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