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    Do any of you know (or have for that matter) any speaker box plans? I have searched the net only to be looped around, and a link even took my to circuitcity.com. Anywho, I am planning on building a center console for my 72 chevy pickup. The console will house a storage area/armrest, cup holders, atleast 2 6×9 speakers, aswell as a psOne with the LCD screen. I asked about speaker box plans because I figured not many of you have built a console for a vehicle. I was thinking about using one of those cheap consoles at Wal-mart as a base, then build the speaker boxes below that, then the place for the psOne infront. This still needs quite a bit of planning, but if it looks anything like it does in my head, it will be pretty cool. Thanks to all those who can help in my search.

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    I don’t fully understand, are you going to mount two 6×9’s in your center console? In which direction will they be firing?


    you should make sure its water tight, that cup holder is pretty close to the ps1, dont want it to spill :wink

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    I worry about the imaging of your system. Will there be other speakers mounted in the doors on or the dash? I had a friend with a 68 Chevy truck who put two 6×9’s under the seat. It was as loud as you could ever want, but the clarity was terrible. Of course, a 68 Chevy isn’t exactly a model of a perfect acoustic environment.

    6×9’s are generally meant to be mounted on an infinite baffle, so unless there are specific frequencies you’re trying to hit or you have speakers that are meant to be enclosed, I’d say to leave one of the sides (maybe in the back, facing towards the bed) of your “enclosure” open.

    Since these speakers will be facing away from one another and (presumably) sharing the same volume, you might try wiring them out of phase with each other. It might sound terrible, or you might get some interesting or desirable effects. The most hoped for would be the cancellation of any ugly compound or standing waves that would arise in the center of your cab, leaving you with a nice stereo signal reflecting off your doors. Or, it might make the whole thing sound soft and ambient. It’s incredibly simple to just switch two wires, so it’s worth a try.


    I could help you if I was actually there. Ive done several custom speaker jobs along with one of my friends. He is just plain the man. I could give you plans for a sub box, but it isnt like that is very hard. It would just be mostly getting the air space right.

    Only advice I can give you, is that the center may not be the best place for 6 x9’s, and if you are going to put them in a box, make sure it is sealed completly. You will get a much better sound out of them.


    Unfortunatly, with the bomb (gas tank) behind the seat, the center is the only place there is room for them. Under the seat won’t work because there is not enough space under there. I knew I shouldn’t have deleted autoCAD. Thanks for the info/advice guys.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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