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    As you may have seen, I am running for Minister of Filming Resources.

    Why Do I Want to Run?
    Brickfilms is the ultimate starting place for anyone who wants to make brickfilms. Why is this? We have the most comprehensive filming resources available. However, in recent times the addition to these resources has slowed considerably. Without new people, brickfilming as an art will die off. I love filming, and I love the amount of advice and help Brickfilms gives you, and I’d hate to see the art rendered useless by less than top notch resources.

    What I Want for the Resources.
    In the resources, I want to see a place where you can easily find accurate and up to date info on anything concerned to brickfilming. This would not only help new people, but also veterans who feel overwhelmed by new people asking questions that have already been answered. If it’s easier to access, it will be more frequently used.
    I would also like to see new articles in the resources. I constantly see new, innovative ideas on the forums, but many never reach the resources. I strive to change that.

    How Will I Achieve This Goal?
    Through cooperation with the community. When I see an idea I like, I will ask about adding it to the resources. If a film is extremely well liked by the community, you can bet I’ll try and get an interview with the maker! I visit the site more than daily, so I always know when something new is happening. My writing and communication skills are well developed, so I truly feel I can expand the resources. I do admit, my weakest area is in html, however I am sure I can make the changes necessary to the resources, because it has to be done. I have plenty of reference books to help me on my way.

    Personal Relations.
    You all know I’m good with people. I know anything can be worked out peacefully and logically. If someone does not wish for their ideas to be part of the resources, first I will try to get them to reconsider, however, if they are dead set on keeping the material out I will not put it in. It is their property, and theirs alone. I will always contact the owner before using their things.

    You in the Spotlight!
    Finally, I want to know what you want. In this thread, you can post ideas, or even irks you have with something in the current resources. I will listen. I will maintain this stance throughout my term. If you ever dislike something, or think I am missing an item of value, just PM, and I will contact you about it.

    In conclusion, I, Squash understand that we can have better, more complete resources, and know that with hard work, and community involvement, we can take this goal and make it a reality.

    The future of brickfilming relies on new people. New people rely on our Resources.

    Please post any questions, comments, or ideas in this thread. Thank You!

    -Squash, Candidate for Minister of Filming Resources


    Nice campaign, you seem like a great choice for this position especially. I think I may be voting for you.

    -StevieCollins ~ Candidate for Minister of Film Contests

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    Anyone else have any suggestions or questions? I really would appreciate some feedback.


    i think frequent interviews with film-makers is a great idea seeing as i check them out for ideas, pictures of sets and inspiration.


    in the resources section they don’t have any lego set tips or anything which is pretty bad if you have a load of lego bricks and don’t know where to start! Maybe some big brickfilmers could contribute that use massive sets (eg.Doug Vandegrift) and compare him to a great brickfilmer that uses small sets or something? I don’t know but these days i find it hard to decide what lego sets to buy as there are so many out there! A few tutorials of “how to make a……” would be really useful to newbies and oldies alike! I hope you take all i’ve said into account (I really think you’re going somewhere with this!!!!) thanks :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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    I do think we could use some set and building tutorials. There are many things that are useful to know in set building that are overlooked, causing difficulties to the filmmaker. I definitely will look into finding or getting an experienced set maker to create a tutorial with some tips on the subject. I seem to recall Valtsu making a neat overview a while back, but I don’t think he is here anymore.

    Thanks for the comment!


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    Does anyone else have suggestions for what they want the resources to be? If I do get elected, remember that you can always PM me as well :)


    “Squash” wrote: Double-post
    Does anyone else have suggestions for what they want the resources to be? If I do get elected, remember that you can always PM me as well :)

    I don’t, I trust you and many do. I think you have this position in the bag.

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