Star Wars: Fall of Naboo Trailer

Hi there! Here is my animation that I finished in November of last year (2012) and started working on in September of that year. Also My first time offically using special fx for Lightsabers! (Also was the latest video I had posted on youtube before they removied it.) "After the rise of the Empire: The Queen of Naboo takes her stand against the Newly formed Empire by hiding Jedi and joining forces with the Rebels. Darth Vader and his 501st legion are sent to Naboo to eliminate this threat." Hope you all like it! Please let me know what you think in the comments section! Movie Made by: AJV Films (me) Voice of the Emperor: AJV Films (me) Sounds and Star Wars Created by: Lucas Film (Disney) Programs used: StopMotion Animator, LightSaber Maker, and Windows Movie Maker.