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    Hi all!
    Thanks for taking the time to check this topic!
    I’m about to start a new movie called ‘End Of Evolution’. Its going to be about some guywho evolves into the highest possible level. He is a perfect fighting machine with unmatchable strength, stamina, and intelligence. He is bent on controlling the world, and somehow somebody has to stop him. I don’t want this to be a really violent movie with guns and stuff. I have the basic plot down, but need a few suggestions, for like opening scenes and stuff.
    Onde idea for an opening scene I had was the camera opens in on the guy laying on an operation table, with doctors around him. You can here him thinking to himself planning his escape. Then. . .who knows . . .
    all suggestions will be accepted graciously! :-) :-) :-)

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    Mr. Less

    I have an idea. Have you ever seen THE ONE with Jet Li? Well how about a girl who loves him sneaks in with something in her shoe that can explode an he can escape. Just a thought.

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    ghost of mc

    idiotless, i dont watch jet li movies.

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    Mr. Less

    I din’t ask your opinion ghost of mc.

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    I think this should be like a kung foo blow up movie. It might be hard to animate the people into real kung foo moves though…..

    check out my new avatar!

    EDIT: Actually my avatar sucks unless its at full size…. so i took it down. :(

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    how about the opening scene is the end scene where you see him dead or something, and people are walking around a disaster area. And then you have someone have a voice over and it flashs back.

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    😀 hhhhhhmmmmmmmmm. . . . . .
    all interesting ideas! I own The One on video, and never even thought of it when coming up with this idea. Great idea! I also really liked the suggestion of the opening scene being at the end, too. Thats really cool and adds to the story. Thanks for the comments! But don’t expect to see this movie anytime soon.

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    try something kind of like the opening of terminator. have him appear in a flash of light or something. just a little idea

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