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    I use iStopMotion and I would use Dragon Frame if I had money but I am fine with the software I have.

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    Anna C.

    This is the first time I’ve heard about that software TwoGuys:-) Is it also a free software?

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    There is also Qik Photo Animator for Windows 8/8.1. Costs a couple of dollars but supports HD.


    Does anyone know what programs listed have the onion skinning feature?

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    Tog fox

    Stop Motion Pro does (not sure if all editions)
    Monkey Jam does not.


    I use Sony’s Movie Studio 13 Platinum, which does everything I want it to and far more. It retails for about $80. (There’s also a non-“platinum” version which goes for $50.) This is what I’ve used for both of my brickfilms so far with great results. It’s got great chroma key (i.e. green screen) capabilities. It also allows you to overlay up to 20 video and 20 audio tracks in a single project! This is great for tracking voices for multiple characters, inserting sound effects and music. I would buy the software again without a moment’s hesitation. You can see my latest video with Sony’s Movie Studio 13 software here: Hope this is helpful!

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    I have monkeyjam i eventually plan to get dragonframe

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    I use WindowsMovieMaker,
    easy to use and free!


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