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    i cant think of an idea for a lego movie. im fresh out of ideas. i will take anything and everything as a suggestion. please respond.

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    Just sit down with your minifigs and start interchanging parts. Then look at what you’ve made and decide what he looks like. Does he look like a cop? Make a cop movie. Does he look like a hooligan? Make a movie about juvenile delinquents. Does he look like a pornstar? Better take him apart start over…

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    Heres an idea that hae been flowting around in my head (warning: I may it myself some day)
    gather up a few historical lego sets (egypt, castle ect) then do a movie about what happens when a museum is closed. After everybody leaves and the lights are turned off all the diplays come to life and begin to comicly interact with one another. The only one who sees all this is a janitor who is working a late-shift.

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    The Janitor

    yeah, a janitor…anything can happen with a janitor.

    That right there is all you should need…something simple to which anything can happen. Like a bar. Anything can happen in a bar. Thats why I am not running out of ideas for the Diplomacy series.

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    Mr. Less

    How about a story about a animator that is fresh out of ideas and decides to go on the forums to ask other users about some stories and they give him cruddy ideas like this one. :mischief

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    If you are confident in your writing abilities, you could do some sort of social satire on current events. If done right, they can be really funny and dont have to offend anyone. If we have time we are doing one about the barely noticed effects of war.

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    thanks alot! good ideas! do plan to see them anytime soon though. i have to write my script first.

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    Well, I’m working on a (yes you got it right) Star Wars movie, but quite a bit more original than simple lightsaber battles…

    ANYWAY, just be original. As a SW-freak I couldn’t just let it NOT to film SW…

    The movie after this one will be original… (I hope :lol:)

    Look at Bluntman, that’s REALLY a guy with great idea’s. The Steve and Dave series are quite like the most funniest of all, and it’s just about two geeks having a boring geek life instead of lightsabering minifigs with tons of explosions and lasers,……….

    If you find an original idea and work it out very good, you should be rewarded in some way … 😎

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