Student Films From the After school animation club i taught

Well i told the story about the Lego club that i was asked to teach a while this post and now i am going to post the films cause the class is now over. And me and my friend (also a good filmer who lurks here he has never posted before) are now in a :D sigh :D of relief that the class is over. The films came out farily good considering it was a after school class that had 15 sessions and each one was 45 minutes long....keep in mind that every day we needed time to set up so that used up about 10 min. You have to realize though that the kids in the club at the starting (at the first meeting) had no idea whatsoever what stop-motion animation was how it was done or how long it took to make a short film. So the kids had no backround AT ALL!!! Im going to guess they only joined because it was called making lego movies.....So we were in the end very happy at what we had accomplished. So anyway here are the finished films
that our students created....the films are best viewed in
50% size on wmp. The movies dont really have a plot but you can
see one come togeather near the end of each one. But please watch
them anyway it makes me feel good :-D Rember the students did
the films not me. And also we were just 2 kids teaching other kids (basicly our friends) so it was kind of hard for us to keep them undercontroll.
And here are the films.... 8)

The Ex-cape


Super Funky DJ

There They Are Hope They are ok!

It Makes Me proud