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    It was very hot this afternoon, so I stayed indoors today and made this. … tupid1.wmv

    Its a spoof on a computer game I play, so you might not get some of the jokes.

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    your animation has improved. Are you still filming at 5 fps?
    Your right, I didn’t get the jokes :)

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    my idea what the game was…was it any of these
    ever quest is my best guess….or some jedi game..

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    Ok, the “dm” joke is one that even after playing Starknights for a bit, probably wouldn’t be gotten.

    Update on Defman’s report…

    It’s taken a while to fight my way through the crowds surrounding the SK HOF, but I now have confirmation that a SCUD missile was destroyed in flight near the SK compound. Rumors abound that a vixen in whips and chains intercepted the incoming missile while test piloting a most highly secret new SK fighter, the DEATH MOSQUITO.

    Yes, you heard it right, Death Mosquito… Lord Horatio Skyven would neither confirm, nor deny the existence of the ultimate SK weapon, but he was heard uttering the phrase, “GO Weezie, GO…” prior to the destruction of the SCUD.

    As you all know, Admirals Defman, Madam Weezie, and yours truly, are members of N.A.F.F., the North American Freedom Fighters. We consider it our duty to defend the SK HOF and other such SK entities, which, by coincidence, are in NORTH AMERICA.

    That’s all for now, folks…stay tuned for further developments…


    This stated the phrase death mosquito when the servers were down, it became jokingly mentioned by vettes as “dm”.

    The biggest starship in the game, the DarkMoon, was known as a DM for short. A mosqito is the tinyiest ship in the game, so there is a bigg difference between DM and dm. Only a good player would know when someone said “dm” that they meant the most insignificant ship in the game. So, “I told him I had two dm’s and he logged out.”. The “n00b” assumed he had two of the biggest starships that can be built.

    When the newbie said he needed crystal for a laser battery, crystal isn’t even used in a laser battery!

    Fedex previous day shipping: being that it was futuristic, I threw that one in.

    The newbing buying it for the higher price, pretty obvious its poor trading skills!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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