Submissions – 10 Brick Contest

As promised here is the list of people that have submitted their film(s). First of all, those who meet the minimal requirements (having submitted at least a small version of their enty):

Results are online:

see them here: ... esults.htm

Thanks to everyone for taking part!

The deadline has passed, see the films at

[x] Aaron
[x] Brickbrock
[x] Brickmann
[ ] Cyclonis (Jollybrick)
[x] David West
[ ] Dead-Eye
[x] dewfilms
[x] erlic
[x] felix
[x] hali
[x] Karateguy
[x] Lechnology
[x] LGM
[x] Markenration
[x] mert
[x] M!llerL!te
[x] m1rk0
[x] Nosniborus
[x] PE-porukka
[x] Protowrxs
[x] Qui Gon Ginny
[x] Redmurunga
[x] Skudmunky
Skudmunky 2
Skudmunky 3
[x] toph
[x] willy trombone

Updated 12-11-04: [x] = vote recieved before the deadline. So Brickman and Cyclonis will be disqualified for not submitting a vote.

Updated 12-07-04: [x] = vote recieved

Second, those who submitted but with minor problems:
Brad Checkett

The small version of erlics, as well (perhaps never).

I try to notify people also per e-mail and to keep this updated in every 24h. If you have send an e-mail and do not hear from me and do not appear in the list within 48h please pm me, that I can get your entry.