Of course, its me bbricksproduction (Better Bricks Production)I am still a noob to this site and for people who dont know what a noob is than maybe you are (Just kidding, didnt mean to offend :P ) Anyway, to the point, i have looked at the government forum or elections and it is dated back to 2007 the only sort of "new" forum is from february 2009.If the site is dieing as i been hearing, maybe we need to host the elections again or try to get some more canidates.Maybe if the site managers would put up a daily notice on the front webpage like saying:
Dont forget to vote!Would influence voting.Also, it should be a Democracy! So incase the dually elected officials of are slacking a bit of productions we need IMpeachment.OR we will need more people to be elected.PLUS, it would be nice to have small meetings or so, as long as we put up a notice board on the homepage.ALSO i tried clicking the chat button BUT it doesnt work so BROKEN LINK! If im missing any information or anyone would suggest the PLEASE POST!!! :mrgreen: