Super Universe (Concept)

With so many animators wanting to be a part of the Super project and only so few can be part of it in order to keep the film from being a 3 hour montage of characters discovery, utilizing and fighting bad guys with special powers, a lot of animators' scene will be reduced or cut out of the film.

Not a good thing, in my opinion. Therefore, I thought of this: Star Wars has it's Expanded Universe, Battlestar Galactica (re-imagined) has its online series that lead into the next season, and Heroes has its online comics.

So why not have something similar with Super. The idea here is to allow any animators that are part of Super to create their own animation and storyline in the Super universe, especially those whose scenes are being cut. Whether or not it involves the events of Super is up to you. Of course they cannot be released before the Super film itself is finished, but perhaps in the same month of its release.

Here's how I see it:

A week or two before Super is to be released, a series of short clips introduces characters in the film, both minor and major. What's in these clips is up to the animator, as long as it does not reveal spoilers.

Originally, an idea was introduced in the private forum of character-specified trailers.

Your thoughts please.