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    Nick Durron

    You can use any of my films if you want. The ones I’d most want you to show are Capastroid and The Inventor.

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    You can show any of my films as well. The highest quality versions I have online are generally very nearly full quality. However many of my movies are very dialog driven so I don’t know how much appeal they could have in a Swedish film festival. (I’m assuming that many people there won’t be fluent in English?)

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    You can go ahead and show any of my films. I think Mirrored Perspective would be a good choice since there’s no dialog so no one would have to worry about a potential language barrier. I believe I still have the DVD-quality MPEG-2 still uploaded.

    Be sure to let me know if you decide to use any of mine.


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    Thanks guys!

    We now have a website up and running as well. It’s in swedish though:


    I spent 70 bucks buying the .se address and the hosting service so you’re only allowed to say nice things about the site! :D

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    Nice logo!

    I guess I might as well give you permission to show mine. Any one of Animation Class Lesson 1, Great Inventors 2, Daedalus and Icarus, The Dragon, His Master’s Plan, Taste Matters is ok. Most of them are on my website; the latter is here. The other films on my website contain copyrighted music – to show them legally you probably have to pay royalties to some official organisation.


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    Thank you, thank you to all of you who’ve offered me your films. Please also direct me to a place where I can download the highest quality version you have of your film. A small web-type realmovie-file will not cut it, I’m afraid. I want the best you can give me.

    Oh, and I just came up with a new idea. We’re gonna give all attendees free lego brick-shaped candy. How cool is THAT? 8)

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    Arg. My short is on my site in 640×480, but I lost the original in a HD crash. I guess that if you can use that, use it, and if not, well, good luck with the festival :) .

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    “Smeagol” wrote: (I’m assuming that many people there won’t be fluent in English?)

    EVERYONE is fluent in English in Sweeden. I like sweeden, its a great country judging by my 2 day stay in Gothenburg and Malmo. If you are desperate for movies you can use mine.

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    Yes, everyone is fluent in english but I’ll still make subtitles for all movies.

    I’d love to use your films, brianfast.

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    Night Owl

    I’ve sort of figured out that the less “important” the country is internationally (this is meant politically, I know Swedes enjoy some of the world’s highest living standards + IKEA), the better the people there can speak English. My school once had some seminar with students from other European countries and the Polish people spoke the best English, followed by the Danish, Germans and French (avoiding English seems to be a national pastime over there).

    Anyway, the highest versions of my films are on my website. Unfortunately I don’t go higher than 640×480.

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