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    Night Owl

    That was quite a nice advertisement. The footstep sounds were some of the best I’ve ever heard.


    Matt Gillan

    Awesome, you can use any of my films. If you want the links to them I can PM you some.



    You can use either of my films. Sweet Temptation and One Small Pizza are both on my website’s film page.



    Thanks for the kind words. I will check out all your films. The trailer will be shown tonight on an outdoor screening of The Corpse Bride – hopefully that will raise some interest in the festival. I did not do it all on my own, however. I collaborated with another swedish brickfilmer (whose brickfilms username I am not familiar with, however) and he deserves credit as well for the trailer.

    Thanks again, glad you liked it. 🙂



    “Squash” wrote: Woah, the part in English surprised me. Nice animation though. This is a great way to show you are serious about this festival. Have you made a list of films that you know you are going to use? Good Luck!


    Yes, I have. I will post them on the website (website only available in swedish though) as soon as I have them cleared and ok’d by everyone involved. Also, I’ll be posting news about the festival in the left margin of the website all the way till october.

    Right now, I’m watching films and putting everything together in that department. I’m also talking with a local bakery that will be providing lego brick shaped cakes for everyone to enjoy. And I’m making some posters with the official festival logo (the one on the website). 🙂



    Not much use using any of my films, they all are pretty bad. Swedish brickfilm fest seems cool.



    You can use The End (either edition).



    If for some reason you feel you can use Cops and Robbers, just ask, and I’ll upload a better version.



    I just had an idea. If any of you have a film in the making and feel like putting together a short trailer for it, please do so and send it to me. I’d love to show a trailer or two before the actual films. It sort of makes the whole thing more like a “real” film screening. So if you have a trailer or feel like making one, do so and PM me.

    Oh, and TONS of stuff has been added to the website. Do check it out.



    I’m also talking with a local bakery that will be providing lego brick shaped cakes for everyone to enjoy.

    That is SO awesome.

    When this is all over I hope you’ll tell me some stories about how you put this thing together. It seems like if it could happen anywhere, it would be LA.

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 136 total)

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