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    Would any1 be interested in being in my mmovie series???
    fyi Tempest Wing…..i need voice and minifig pics of what your character would look like…….. AND the characters ship(only mocs please(NO PREFAB SETS)i will need to see if you are creative enough……I need voices for……

    WingNut….(surfer style)18-23
    Slag…(Not interested kinda guy)20-24
    komrad sven…(also me)(russian flight commander)
    harper…(Ever see Andromeda???)
    crash..(brother of…
    burn….(always fighting each other usually leading to extremely close calls with other star ships {i.e: narrowly missing a collision by centimeters})
    Maniac..(slightly crazy but has a tab on it)22-27

    PS email me at bpratt@swbell.net
    XERO out*static* :evil :evil :evil

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    Interesting, but How are you going to get the pieces for “everyones” MOC ship?? and by MOC do you mean this ???

    again sounds interesting.

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    that is exactly what i ment…..
    and as far as pieces go ill use your moc as a BASIS for that ship(if you could show an all around veiw of the ship that would be great)i mean ill be able to build yours(look up brandon pratt on brickshelf.com) and as far as everyone else i will see what i can do…..

    XERO OUT*static* :evil

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    if ya still have any openings….. pls e-mail me if ya have any parts left TigerfromTitan@*nospam*lycos.com ….. I can be any figure you have , and any ship you have. Im not a good builder. 🙂

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    might i suggest changing Harpers name he is going to be like the Harper on Andromeda. its a good character to use, but maybe find another name. he’s Irish so a good Irish name. I would love to do it but i have to talk with you about details

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    You can count on my voice.
    I’m 27 so I don’t have a teenager tone.
    And I’ve got a slight French accent.

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    Can I do voices? It can be low…it can squeak…but normally it sounds like—um—can’t show you, can I?

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    I’ll do a voice if you want me to

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