Ten Lines Contest – Results Are In!

The Results!!!

1st Place - Leftfield Studios Unmasked (13 votes)

2nd Place - An Old Ore with Transaction (11 votes)

3rd Place - Holgor with A Dangerous Calling (7 votes)

Thank you very, very much to all of you who took the time to watch these films and vote carefully. Also, a kind thank you to those of you who made a film for this fun little competition. 11 Very cool, creative films came out of this and I'm very pleased with the results.

Congratulations to the Leftfield crew, who continue their domination of brickfilms contests. And hearty congratulations to An Old Ore, a newcomer with a fantastic film. Another great film by Holgor, another staple of our community.

Here are all of the ballots I have received. I don't think I'm missing anyone (other than several non-qualified voters). But please check this list to make sure you're on it if you should be.

An Old Ore
High Tower Films
Mutant Monkey
Lord of the LEGO
FLL Freak

Here are the individual scores for each film as I have them:

Transaction - An Old Ore - 11
The Shopping List - High Tower Films - 4
The Library - minibeast198 - 2
Unmasked - Leftfield Studios - 13
A Dangerous Calling - Holgor - 7
Material Possessions - Lord of The LEGO - 4
Channel Surfing - Flash1015 - 3
A (Partially) Normal Day - Ticket - 0
S.W.A.T.U. - Mutant Monkey Studios - 1
Mr. Repairman - Pingo - 1
The Bell Game - Lechnology - 2

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OK, here's the official list of entries for voting. All contest entrants and all patrons 24fps and higher are asked to submit a ballot containing their 3 favorite films in any order. Again, entrants are welcome and encouraged to include their own films in their list. Please submit your ballot in the form of an e-mail to joshua@brickfilms.com with the subject line "TLC Voting."

1) Transaction - An Old Ore
2) The Shopping List - High Tower Films
3) The Library - minibeast198
4) Unmasked - Leftfield Studios
5) A Dangerous Calling - Holgor
6) Material Possessions - Lord of The LEGO
7) Channel Surfing - Flash1015
8) A (Partially) Normal Day - Ticket
9) S.W.A.T.U. - Mutant Monkey Studios
10) Mr. Repairman - Pingo
11) The Bell Game - Lechnology

Vote well!


Here it is, the next Brickfilms mini-contest. The Ten Lines Contest.

This is a very wide-open contest that sort of focuses on script writing. It's meant as a nice activity while many of us take our winter/Christmas breaks.

To the winner will go a $40 credit for the brickfilms merch page.

To the runner up will go a $20 credit for the brickfilms merch page.


Below you will find a list of lines. You are required to choose no less than 10 of them for inclusion in your script. The lines must be either spoken or written whole, uninterrupted and in their entirety during your film. This means subtitles are OK. In any case, they must be understandable in English.

You are free to write the rest of your script however you like. You are free to make your film any way you like, as well. Well, there are a few limitations:

- Absolutely no illegal material. This means you can't use music, sound, or writing which you don't have distribution permission for.

- Your entry must be a stop motion animated film. You are allowed to use other kinds of film, but a substantial portion of your film must be animated using stop motion.

- You need to submit at least one version of your film that is in Quicktime or Realmedia format, and that has a file size no larger than 3 MB per minute of film.


Judging will be of a somewhat different structure than previous contests. There will be no nominations. Each director submitting a film and each patron 24fps or higher will be allowed to submit a single ballot. The ballot will contain the names of that person's 3 favorite films, in no particular order.

If you are a contestant, including your own film on your ballot is allowed and encouraged. This will provide an incentive for filmmakers to submit ballots.

Ballots will not be kept secret. Who you voted for will be made public. The point of doing this is to discourage people from intentionally voting for films they don't think have a chance of winning in order to improve their own chances. That's not to say you should vote for films you think will be popular. You should absolutely vote for your favorite films, whichever ones they are. However, you need to be able to offer an explanation for why you voted the way you did.


Due date for submissions is Thursday, January 12th 2006 at 10:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles Time).

To submit your film, send an e-mail to joshua@brickfilms.com which contains this information:

- The official name of your film
- The name(s) of the responsible director(s)
- Your forum name
- A link that can be used to download your film OR a request for access to the contest ftp directory where you can upload it

The Lines

I'm telling my mummy what you did.

I hope you kept the receipt.

Well, let's face it. We're lost.

Now this is something you don't normally see on a Sunday.

You're very clever, young man.

It wasn't supposed to explode that much.

It's at least a hundred years old.

Of course, it's a whole different thing after dark.

And now for a refreshing beverage.

I'm not gonna tell you if you don't know.

I pushed it real hard and it got stuck.

I hope that you don't underestimate me.

Hello. I see you are wearing a new hat.

I'm gonna snap, crackle and pop my way out of here, and you're not going to stop me.

Nice to meet you. Good luck with your head.

I feel compelled to read short fiction.

That's gonna need a coat of paint.

I don't blog. I animate.

Definitely not more than 2.

I'll edit it in Photoshop.

I can stop any time I want!

Did you see that? I flew!

Having fun isn't hard when you have a library card.

We had spaghetti at our house three times this week.

You will pay for your dishonorable actions!

It probably prevented something worse happening.

That's how I became the proud owner of this beauty.

Well, what would you have done with it?

Of course, love is the greatest power in the universe.

We must act like a normal family.