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    I am making a movie called Terminator :: Rise Of The Blocks
    I need some voice acting to do the terminator, a girl and the guy is supposed to save the girl and destroy the terminator… + 2 other person to do some simple voice like the police men or some persons in teh street…

    can you help me?

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    Ill do the Terminator! Count me in, I can do a perfect imatation of Arnold Swartzawhats-his-face. Ill do it!

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    I’ll do a voice!!!

    How about an old homeless guy or a person in the street?

    I MIGHT be able to do the guy who saves the girl, maybe.

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    “Son of a block stole my pants…!”

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    i could do one of the people in the street or one of the policemen as long as they don’t say bad words

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    You are NOT making Terminator 3. I’ve planned this since May. 😛 PS: WeirdEars consists of me and my m8. Is it the m8?

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    WeirdEars, just because you “thought of the idea”, doesn’t mean you own it. All you’re doing is get on people’s nerves. Any subsequent posts stating “you can’t make that movie” will be deleted by me.

    HappyFace, by all means go ahead! WeirdEars has plenty of other ideas, so you won’t do him any harm by taking this one.


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    um weirdears i dont think you’ll have time in your life time to make terminator cuz you still have over a million pepper highs and anne frank in bricks and plenty of other stuff to do first and maybe you will die before you get there 😀

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    Hey HappyFace,

    I’ll do the homeless guy! I’m really good at doing those sorta voices, I don’t know why.

    “That son of a block stole my pants!” 😆 😆 😆

    I’ll PM you my e-mail. The reason I’m not posting it here is for fear that WeirdEars might get a hold of it. :wink

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    I may be willing to do a terminator voice, if you want.

    BTW – $10 says that WeirdEars was never even going to end up MAKING that movie. Man, I’m sure you’ve heard enough from everyone else, so I won’t say anymore.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 52 total)

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