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    If it starts or ends on a Sunday, I won’t be able to enter.



    “mrgraff” wrote: August 5, 12, or 19 would be OK for me.

    Those days would be good for me too.



    David West

    Hey guys, sorry I haven’t gotten to this thread sooner, I’m at my granparents right now and only have access to a dial-up Juno connection, which is absolutely excruciating. I’ve thought that another THAC would be fun, but I figured that I’d wait until after brickfest to bring it up, since I thought people would be busy with the montage and Fig, and another contest would be too soon. I guess I was wrong! Right now, it looks like August 19th would be the best date for me.

    The rules for this will probably be almost identical to last year’s rules, but with a different mod element and theme, naturally. The only things I’m not sure will return from last year is hte Documentary and the Audience choice award. The audience choice award is probably out for sure, since last time I received 0 votes, despite a deadline extension. The documentary portion received some attention, but only 2 people actually documented the process in any real detail, and I only received Mrgraffs in a format useful for editing. Because of this, there was no point in me trying to edit it into a real documentary. Still, I like the idea so much that I’d really like to give it another try. If I can get atleast three people to promise me that they will document their movie in detail, I’ll keep it in.

    As for prizes, I have atleast one item that I could give as a prize, but if anyone has anything that they would like to donate as another prize (or give away as a special prize, like “the sisters” have int he past), PM me.

    Oh yeah, and this time I’ll have a fail-safe coordinator who will know everything that I know. How we forgot to factor that in in all our months of planning and thorough set of rules escapes me.



    August 19th is good for me. If it’s on a Sunday then I can’t do it.



    Saturday? Oh well.



    Ok, the 19 looks open to me.



    I promise to do another documentary.

    I liked that portion so much, I’ll do it even if I’m the only one and its not part of the contest anymore. I’ll even submit my documentary if for some reason I don’t complete a film! I guess the only issue I need to work out, is how to make it different from the one I did last year.



    Would it be possible to move it to August 12th? Many of us are starting a new semester at college at the end of August.



    Any Saturday before September 9 is good for me, preferably on August 12 or earlier, however, since school starts for me on August 14.


    Wedge McCloud

    The 19th seems like a good idea to me, if not some other Sturday before then. After that date, however, a lot of us are starting school or college semesters again so it seems the contest will probably best fit sometime into the next 5 weeks.

    I need to dig up some old ideas and polish them up. There has to be something I can do for this contest that doesn’t suck.

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 97 total)

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