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    “Wedge McCloud” wrote: I need to dig up some old ideas and polish them up.

    That might not work though if THAC 2 goes with a theme that doesn’t mesh well with them.
    I don’t mind the 19th, but just as long as it’s on a Saturday or a Sunday.

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    “David West” wrote: The documentary portion received some attention, but only 2 people actually documented the process in any real detail, and I only received Mrgraffs in a format useful for editing.

    I’m guessing the second person was me? I’ll really try to make the documentary better this time. Even if we don’t have to, I might. It was fun, and people said it might be useful to new brickfilmers. The 19th…. Hmmm…. I think so. It’s a Saturday. Great. Pretty sure I can!


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    Gah, silly me. I for some reason thought Fall Semester started on the 20th, when in fact it’s on the 28th. So the 19th of August for THAC2 is fine.

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    I’m in favor of another THAC that takes place sometime in mid-August or later. It should help me get back into the community after being away for so long.


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    In the words of James Caan, make it August 19th or I’ll blow your f***in’ head off.

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    The 19’th may work. I belive that’s just after I get back from Maine.

    Edit: Hold on! The next day is a Sunday. So, that won’t work for me.

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    David West

    Edit: Hold on! The next day is a Sunday. So, that won’t work for me.

    No matter what date is chosen, it will be a Saturday. That just works best for the most people.

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    It doesn’t work best for me!

    The day we do it needs to be Sunday.

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    No it doesn’t. The vast majority of people have said the 19th, a Saturday, works of them. Most likely that will be the date chosen, if there is to be a THAC2.

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    How about we do it twice. Once for the people who can do it on Sunday, and once for those who can’t. And just to make sure that those who couldn’t finish their film on the first day don’t cheat and finish the next day, we’ll have a second mod element or theme for the second day.

    Edit: Maybe this wasn’t nescicary(sp?). Let’s just try and make sure this doesn’t go over a Sunday.

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