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    ubobo88 doesn’t know what THAC is :O

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    Twenty four Hour Animation Contest, I guess you should read the first post, and check the wiki and the archive

    Cheers Arend

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    By the way, guys, would you please ask questions over at BiM? Because as you probably know I don’t visit this site often and it’s being held at BiM (in the chat).
    The only reason I posted it here was so that the people who don’t visit BiM will know about it.


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    Sorry for the double post, but guys I wouldn’t bother asking TAAB to fix the censor, she’s not going, just forget it and go to the BiM thread, which you’ll probably find.


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    I messed around with the Thac 4 logo in photoshop. 8-)


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    Meh, the texturing doesn’t really add up.

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    The problem is that parts of the can that were previously hidden by the numerals are now visible when it is. flipped. And they don’t exist.
    Perhaps I will do some further editing and try to stretch the existing graphics a bit.


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    YES!!! I will definently do it. (most of my films are usually under 24 hours anyway.)
    I think I will be able to do it on that date.

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    “Leonardo812″ wrote: [quote="Smeagol"]Yeah, situations like this show what a problem the word filter is. It’s not advantageous to this site to ‘censor’ links to; it’s disgraceful. :(

    I agree, and I talked to TAAB about it, but her position is that links to BiM do not help BF. She’s not really interested in the community, she cares that the site makes her money.

    Welcome to the real world, where money is king.

    – Leo[/quote]

    THAT that…. JUST makes me pist off :evil

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