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    I’M THE THIRD!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Thank you all!!! :D

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    I still haven’t watched any ( :oops: ), but congrats Stefan! I’m glad to see that this contest was carried all the way through. I didn’t expect it to get farther than the cool idea stage.


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    “Rolz” wrote: I’M THE THIRD!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Thank you all!!! :D

    Your Welcome….. :wink

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    Wow, this is unexpected! With so much competition, so many good movies, I did not expect to end this high in the lists. And to end up at the top of both!

    Thank you, David, for organising such a great contest. In the end, I think things went very well. The number of participants was overwhelming. A less complicated judging procedure might be a good idea for the future. And please, give us those scores! I want to know which categories were most influential in the result!


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    David West

    Congratulations to everyone, you made this contest a huge success. I’d like to try to make this a yearly event. If I ever do another one, I’ll be sure to make it at a better time of the year, like the middle of the summer.

    I’ll try to get a chart up with the scores for every film in every category as soon as I get some issues with my patronage account straightened out with RevMen.

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    I want to know how I placed!

    Meh. Congrats to teh top 5.

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    “David West” wrote: I’ll try to get a chart up with the scores for every film in every category as soon as I get some issues with my patronage account straightened out with RevMen.

    This contest has been over long enough that you should potentially look into an alternate way to post the results.

    Waiting another week(s) would be rediculous.

    You are tainting what was a good contest by a barage of excuses just to cause another delay.

    This is a community, to which if you cannot get it done then you should turn to someone for help.

    Not everyone entered for the prizes, those of us who entered just for fun are being denied closure on this project.

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    I have started a THAC article in the Brickfilms Encyclopedia for the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest. If anyone would wish to help out by adding information to that page, feel free to do so. It is my opinion that such pages are appropriate in the Encyclopedia because these contests are a significant part of the History of Brickfilms. However, it may later be decided that the traditional approach of using dedicated web pages is more suitable; in which case, the Encyclopedia article could be used to help create such a web page.

    Regardless of the ultimate destination of the information, it would probably be of some assistance to David if other members contributed to consolidating the results of the contest, leaving to him the task of posting the final ratings.

    In particular, entrants may wish to link to their film page in the Directory in the list of entries at the bottom of the article. The Wiki format for linking to a web page is shown in the following example:

    [ Onorno]

    (Note the space between the URL address and the title of the film.)

    If you have not registered with the Encyclopedia, please do so before editing the pages. This can be accomplished by clicking on the “create an account or login” link in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen.

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    I think next year some thought should be taken about the story catagory. Having a story rating kindof hurts people who want to make music vidoes and I enjoyed every music vid submitted.

    I was talking to Rolz in the chat and we both thought that it would be better if “Story” was changed to “Pacing and Entertainment Value” this is about the same as story exept that it does not get films hurt that choose to not have them. I think we can all agree that sometimes good stories just don’t turn out well on screen. And why is this, bad pacing I tell you. Just a thought.

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    David West

    Here’s a chart with all the scores for every films. I won’t be releasing individual ballots, just the films scores in each category and overall.

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