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    “Nosniborus” wrote: Not that I’m excusing myself. I’ll try to finish up my ballot very soon.

    You only have to mention the 10 best of 22. So pick the 10 best, and the other 12 aren’t on the list at all. 🙂

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    Pushed back again? 🙁
    For me the timing of the chat will probably still be good, though, as I am in the same time zone as David W.

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    Strange, each time I click the THAC contest page or where the contest entries are being hosted, I get this … 851cdc0baa

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    Well after all this time I finaly sent my ballot in. Cheers!

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    David West

    My brickfilms patronage account was hacked. Once Rev terminates and recreates my account, I’ll get the page back up. Sorry for an voting inconvenience this might cause.

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    Mr. Less

    That seems to happen an awful lot to you David…

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    So, have we decided on a chat date? Also, have any audience ballots come in?

    -MindGame, getting a bit anxious.

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    David West

    It does happen an awful lot. Its because I made my password 4815162342 one time. Once I did that, the trouble started.

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    Hmm… Do you intend to make that your password at any point in the future?
    *copies it down*

    It would be good to get the announcement made as soon possible, seeing as one film has already been reviewed and added to the directory.

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    Someone wants me to miss this awards chat… I won’t be able to use the internet at my home for a week (starting this Thursday) so it would be nice to have the chat on October 1 or 2 (or at least save a transcript). Ah well, we’ll see.

Viewing 10 posts - 101 through 110 (of 153 total)

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