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    Like the other posters on this page, I think David did an excellent job (thanks, kind sir). Even if it is felt that the spirit of the rules was not violated by the disqualified entries (this is how I feel about it) there are entries that were less than their potential (or missed the deadline) because the animators reshot scenes which would have otherwise disqualified them (or spent extra time converting to one of the accepted formats). There also may have been entries that did not make deadline because of these factors.

    None of the disqualifications were owing to a suspicion of “cheating”, and even the disqualified entrants should be commended and respected for their submissions; but it would be even less fair for DW to allow them.

    I have to say, I am amazed at the overall quality of the submissions; there does not seem to be a bad one in the bunch. My own attempt fell severely short due to an overly complicated script, but I feel I shared enough of the experience to truly admire everyone’s efforts and creativity.



    Super Cameraman – Wrong mod element
    Skudmunky – Late entry
    Protowrx -Mod element blocked from view at times
    Strange Little People – WMV file
    CJ Studios – WMV file
    Julian Chelo – Mod element blocked from view at times
    3lb4rt0 – Too short, 30 seconds of animation

    You forgot me. Mines was a late entry, as well.

    I am proud to have the mod element in every frame in my movie. Some are so subtle that its barely visible. There is one shot with cd cases in the background, which match if you see it slant and you see behind it there is an object going up (and it all matches from the camera view), its A VERY VERY faint “N” and takes some thinking, but I intended it to be like that.

    If I didn’t have go to go sleep, I would have finished it by the 24 hour period… its a shame.


    David West

    No, I didn’t forget yours, you never actually submitted it to me.



    I totally disagree with brianfast. There was 1 problem with the contest, and it’s not even a real problem: The contest started half an hour later. If you think David should never organize contests anymore because of that, I think you’re just a whiner.

    David made this contest a very smooth-running one. If you think he shouldn’t organize anymore because he disqualified films that didn’t follow the rules, I think that’s [insert poop here, in caps please].

    David, this contest was done in an excellent way. In fact, I encourage you to organize next year’s THAC.





    I just got back from California last night, but I haven’t watched any of the films. I’m looking forward to doing that today.

    I must say that I think it is unfair to rank 22 different films in 4 separate categories. I know that I can’t possibly do it fairly, as it’s just too many films to keep track of. I also think it’s too detailed of judging for a bunch of 40 second films. And I also think it’s discouraging to judges (like me) because it’s just a lot of work.

    However, I am overjoyed at the number of attempts people made and the effort David has put into bringing this contest together. I can’t wait to watch all of the films, which I will be doing… now.



    This contest is very very cool, maybe it can become an annual event or something.




    “Rainsford” wrote: Proto is a cheater.

    Seriously, I encourage David to stand by the decisions he has already made. Making wishy-washy changes halfway through is never really a good idea.

    How did he cheat? It was on the set it just wasn’t visible.



    Sarcasm, brianfast, sarcasm. Rainsford was being sarcastic with that first remark.


    David West

    I see your point Rev, it IS a big commitment. Do you think it would be better if the judging were narrowed down to, say, 10 films?

    “Nosniborus” wrote: This contest is very very cool, maybe it can become an annual event or something.

    I’d thought that doing a THAC every year or so is a good idea, so I’ll probably try to organize one next year as well :).

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