THAC2 Starts NOW!

The second iteration of the 24 Hour Animation Contest has begun. All important information on this page is in blue. Red text concerns film submission process and frequently asked questions. If you all ready understand the rules, there is no need to read red text. Please do not post in this thread, keep all contest related questions in the other thread.

You have exactly 24 hours from the time on this post to complete your film.

The Mod element is the letter “E”. Of course, it does not have to be portrayed as an “E”, it must simply take on the basic shape of an “E”. It could be rotated any number of degrees, disguised in a set’s architecture, or even swapped out for a similarly shaped letter such as “M,” “W,” or even the number “3.” The lower case version, e, is also permitted.

This year’s theme is “The End”. This can be interpreted in many ways. Basically, your film needs to be about the end of something. It could be a post apocalyptic action thriller about the end of the world as we know it, a drama about the end of a terminally ill man’s life, or a comedy about the end of school. The possibilities are vast. Be creative.

Submit your films to Include the names of everyone who worked on the film and a link to the small version of your film (3mb per minute or less).

If you need hosting, send me an email at It will be set up as an auto-responder, and will send you a user name and password to an FTP account. If, for some reason, you do not receive the account information, send an email to I’ll be checking my email every few hours, and I will be at my computer constantly during the last few hours of the competition.

The mod element MUST be included in EVERY FRAME of your film excluding those that are completely computer generated (basic credits, etc.). If your credits include video or pictures, the mod element must be visible there as well.

Check the official rules for answers to any rule related questions.

Any problems that you have or questions that are not answered in this post or the official rules can be sent to

Edit: So far, entries have been received from the following members:

Super Cameraman
The Duke/High Tower (joint entry)
Aled Owen
Twobit/Shale/Captain Bulldog joint entry
Matt Gillan
Krick Films
Quigibo/Fractalman joint entry
Sloth Paladin/B-Squared joint entry

Don't panic if you submitted an entry and don't see it on this list, it should show up next time I update it. I'll be updating the film on an hourly basis. If you submit a film and it doesn't show up in the next update, resubmit the film.