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    I think a THAC the first Saturday after Christmas would be excellent. Almost all students should be on winter break and lots of people will have animation-related Christmas gifts they’ll be wanting to use.



    I echo what David West and RevMen said. This type of contest is too awesome to just be annual. What about three a year? One during Spring Break, one at the end of summer (original date) and one during Christmas break?


    David West

    First Saturday after Christmas is what I was thinking too. Christmas is on a Tuesday this year so that gives everyone 4 or 5 days after Christmas to wind down a little bit. Plus if wouldn’t interfere with my plans to get out in the mountains and freeze my tail off that whole next week.



    3 a year is probably too many. 2 a year may be too many, but I’d like to see it tried. 😀


    Nick Durron

    That sounds awesome. I’ll definitely try to participate… having more than one of these a year is a great idea. Plus, if someone can’t do one of them, they won’t have to wait a whole year for it to happen again.



    The cool thing about THAC is that it is “only” 24h and than its done. Without THAC I would normally never find the power to actually pull something off like this. The coolest thing is the fact of having a film after 24h. And not only that, brickfilms got 30 cool more films within the same 24 hours.
    Sure if there is a a THAC more often, we will have less people, but probably still 20 entries. So if it is up to me I would do it!

    But I suppose many people have guests or are guests some where else (like me, I wouldn´t have time), so I guess around Xmas isn´t the best idea, maybe easter or a weekend in february? Because a simple weekend sometime just where nothing is, is probably best for everyone.

    And I actually don´t care for a price. Beeing a winer or getting a batch or cup that is always displayed next to my avatar would be cool enough. We sould tell Josh, that we get something like that next to our names.

    It would be like:

    9. place THAC 3
    winner of THAC 4

    cool enough for me.

    Or we can pool the price money like betting. Every contastant pays 5$ and the winner gets the pot. And if someone is not paying. Fine than if he wins the money gets to the next highest rank who actually payed?

    And no worries about you beeing in the Army, I guess it is not too complicated but just work. So if you explain the secrets and what to do, and where are the difficult things to keep in mind and so forth, I can do that.

    Cheers Arend



    If there is a THAC right after christmas, I’ll definetly try and enter again. It was fun trying last time.



    So, if we are doing this three times a year, could we have at least one that doesn’t go over a Sunday? This one could possibly happen during a school break, or something.



    3 times a year is even better, and ahnt, i dont think its really that fair to charge $5 an entry, as not everyone has cash spare. Besides, you shouldnt have to pay to enter a contest. Having it over christmas is a good idea i think, as the films could be christmas related or something.


    David West

    “Littlebrick” wrote: So, if we are doing this three times a year, could we have at least one that doesn’t go over a Sunday? This one could possibly happen during a school break, or something.

    That doesn’t really work with timezones. You can’t really do the contest during the week, and no matter what time you do it on the weekend it’s always going to bleed into Sunday for someone.

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 70 total)

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