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    David West

    I’m proud to announce The 24 Hour Animation Contest. THAC for short (Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest).

    The goal is simple; make a complete film in less than 24 hours. Hali is providing some great prizes that will be awarded in 3 seperate judgning categories, a total of 5 prizes. The contest will begin at 12 noon GMT on August 27th, 2005 and will end at 12 noon GMT on August 28th.

    The rules for this contest are very detailed, and should be read in full before you begin asking questions. Chances are good that most of the questions you have are answered by the rules. Another by product of such thourough rules is that, if you don’t read them, you will likely be disqualified because you unknowingly broke a rule. If you do need a rule clarified, or there is something that you think should be added, post your concerns in this thread and I will adress them.

    Also, as a fun side project, I am putting together a documentary that will chronicle several animators’ quest to create a film in 24 hours. I’m encouraging people to document their films and send me the footage after the contest is over so that I can edit it into a film. See this page for details.

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    Aled Owen

    Great! I hope I can enter.

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    Excellent, I hope I’ll be available for this. What a great idea for a contest.

    I think we in the U.S. have an advantage, as the time starts early in the morning for us, allowing us to spend an entire, continuous day on our project. The Australians probably have it the worst, with a 9:00 PM to 9:00 PM slot. I know for a fact that I could get up early on Saturday morning, start at 5:00AM and work straight through to 5:00AM on Sunday, then sleep all day. I really don’t think I could go from 9:00PM to 9:00PM like that. Ah well, such are the implicit limitations of a contest like this. I’d rather do it with some shortcomings than not do it at all.

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    First observation: rule 7 is broken off halfway through. But otherwise the rules are very clear. I really like the combination of panelled/entrants/audience judging. Nice prizes, too! I really hope to have some time available, though I doubt if I can spend the full 24 hours. I won’t be submitting a documentary, though – I’m quite a slow worker…


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    I would really like to enter this contest, however I wouldn’t be surprised if due to the circumstances I couldn’t, mostly because I have no control over how my family chooses to spend our Saturday, considering that it is the last available weekend we have before school starts again. In addition to this, my room, which I usually use as my animation studio is not only rather small and confined, but shared with my younger brother. I would have to boot him if I wanted to use the room, which is possible, but would be difficult, as convincing my parents that this project is something important enough to warrant kicking my brother out of his own room and staying up for a period of twenty-four consecutive hours is rather difficult. Nonetheless, I shall persist, and hopefully try to enter.


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    David West

    I’ve fixed rule 7. It covers music use and copyrighted/trademarked properties.

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    I shall try and enter this contest, David. I only have to… oh, I dunno… convince my parents.


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    Great, the day before my astronomy exam. At least I’ll try for the documentary portion.

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    Aled Owen

    Uh yeah, I have to try and convice my Mum too.

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    Blech.I’ll only have about 3 or 4 hours to animate… this won’t be too great, I have an event al day on the 27th, and I also will have homework, since school starts on that week.

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