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    CJ Studios

    “MindGame” wrote: PS: No, CJ. David is supposed to open a new thread explaining that.

    Okay thanks.



    sw33t, I’m up and ready. Problem is, my parents want me to do something that will take up the entire morning. If this happens, I will only have the evening, from 8 pm on, to animate…



    People, can we please stop posting here? Every time a new post is made, I hopefully think if it’s one from David West.



    Let’s give him another hour extra. Then somebody else will take over the contest things and starts it. Okay?

    I agree, although I don’t have the chance to enter this contest. I was sure this contest was held next weekend…



    Yeah, BertL’s right. No more need to spam this thread up anymore. He’ll come when he comes.



    CJ Studios

    😀 David’s here! 😀



    I gave David a phone call… everything is set up.



    Super Cameraman

    A quick question: Does mouth syncing count as animation? I do have to animate it frame by frame!
    Also, I don’t get the whole “mod” thing. Could someone explain this?

    Super Cameraman


    David West

    Yes, lip syncing is animation.

    “Super Cameraman” wrote: Also, I don’t get the whole “mod” thing. Could someone explain this?

    Bit late for that. its all explained very well in the official rules.


    Super Cameraman

    Is a poster on the wall considered a mod element?

    Super Cameraman (now I get it! well, kind of)

    EDIT: Okay, mouth syncing counts but what if it’s just a still frame with the mouth moving? Does that count as part of the 45 seconds of animation?

Viewing 10 posts - 181 through 190 (of 290 total)

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