The 24 Hour Animation Contest

I'm proud to announce The 24 Hour Animation Contest. THAC for short (Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest).

The goal is simple; make a complete film in less than 24 hours. Hali is providing some great prizes that will be awarded in 3 seperate judgning categories, a total of 5 prizes. The contest will begin at 12 noon GMT on August 27th, 2005 and will end at 12 noon GMT on August 28th.

The rules for this contest are very detailed, and should be read in full before you begin asking questions. Chances are good that most of the questions you have are answered by the rules. Another by product of such thourough rules is that, if you don't read them, you will likely be disqualified because you unknowingly broke a rule. If you do need a rule clarified, or there is something that you think should be added, post your concerns in this thread and I will adress them.

Also, as a fun side project, I am putting together a documentary that will chronicle several animators' quest to create a film in 24 hours. I'm encouraging people to document their films and send me the footage after the contest is over so that I can edit it into a film. See this page for details.