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    So is it recommended to go over the 3 minutes suggestion or is it recommended to stay within it?

    He means that it’s recommended to stay in 3 minutes.

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    High Tower

    Time Limit: 3 minutes (You may go over this, this is recommended)

    Wait, the limit is 3 minutes, but I can go past the limit? Where are the limits? Can it be 20 minutes?


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    The recomended is 3 minutes and less, but there is no restrictions as to how long it can be High Tower. So it can be 20 minutes.

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    “Munzapoppa Mini Movies” wrote:
    [quote=”Littlebrick”]I’ll finish my two other films for EOY2

    You already completed your EOY film (remember Lonesome Heroes?)[/quote]

    “Me in the EOY2 thread” wrote: I swear that I will complete not one, or two, but three Brickfilms this year at the least…

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    I’m doing this, no doubt!

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    Kensington is going to be based off of a book, so maybe I’ll just cut parts from that and make it under 3 minutes.

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    Nick Durron

    I will enter this! I already have a few ideas; I just have to find the time.

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    Aled Owen

    Yay! Okay, let’s make this straight.

    Your allowed to go over 3 minuites, but the recommended time limit is to stay under 3 minuites. Okay?

    You can make more than one entry.


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    skull brick

    Sounds fun! I might enter something.

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    Are you set on an April 10 deadline? I think you might get more participation if you moved it to something during most people’s summer breaks, like in early July or so.


Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 84 total)

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