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    I still think Drama/Tragedy is a good idea, but I agree about the crowd-pleasing factor.
    I like Libby’s fame idea, and Lechnology’s idea, too.


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    I like the idea of a theme centering around a character becoming famous(He could find fame as a singer, wrestler, whatever).

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    Yes me also, it would be fun to animate a story where the character is a bumb and by some luck he becomes a star

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    I like the “Behind the scenes” idea. A movie of LEGO guys making a movie could be very entertaining. When is a final ruling going to be made?

    See ya,
    Ryan :)

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    How about the theme just be “Show Biz” in general.
    That way, people won’t be restricted to certain ideas, and the entrees will all be different.


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    An Old Ore


    “Revmen” wrote: This is the thread where we discuss the theme of this year’s animation competition. The theme of BrickFest ’06 is “Show Biz,” so the animation theme needs to somehow be compatible with that.


    From the very first post in this thread. I can’t think of any more (bad) ideas. Hopefully I might be able to come up with some good ones now…

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    If music is required, I’m happy to compose some for a credit and permission to use clips on my website and DVD showreels. I have been working with a number of stop motion animators on this basis – without fee. Would be great to work on a Brick Film or two. :)

    Claymation I scored is here:
    Sounds That Soothe Production Music: Claymation – Become

    Short CG animation:


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    “Fame” is a really good theme, totally related to “ShowBiz”.

    Excellent idea, Libby !


    “RevMen” wrote:

    My first thought is something like “The Entertainers.” The idea would be to tell a story about someone or something whose life is to entertain others. The connections to show business are obvious, but I think a lot of other paths could be taken.

    this is the best idea i think

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    I dig the “Fame” theme. It’s an unexplored avenue of brickfilms, for the most part.

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