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    “Nosniborus” wrote: Did he actually build a brick wall over the entrance to the cave? Why did Fortunato give him time to do this?


    He built a wall over a section of the vault to leave him for dead. In the story, Fortunato was chained to the wall, and could not get out. Fortunato was also deeply drunk in the story, so he was a bit crazy, did not know what was happening, and thought it was just a joke. This was not shown in the movie.


    Count Orlock

    I really want to see this but it ain’t working. I’m a huge fan of EAP, I look forward to seeing this as soon as I am able to.



    I really want to see this but it ain’t working. I’m a huge fan of EAP, I look forward to seeing this as soon as I am able to.

    Did you try this page?


    Count Orlock

    Oh yes. I like. I like alot! That was a very good portrayal of TCOA. Smooth animation and good voices. Nice quality in both sounds and voices. And I will say that I liked the fact that you changed a few things because it is one of those little movie changes that is often done different than from how it was written. Such as the court scene. For example: My favorite EAP, The Tell-Tale Heart, who is the killer telling his story and reason to; A judge, a fellow prisoner, (or my personal favorite) himself. Great job Logan.

    By the way, I really should find some kind of rating system to use. 3/5



    I recently watched this because someone told me it was pretty good. So I watched it, and I have to say I was really surprised. 🙂 We read this story in english last year and it followed the story almost exactly. The animation was quite good and the voices decent also. It seems like you really analyzed the story to get this right and youve done a very nice job.

    8/10 🙂


    Film Brain

    Seeing as I’ve got a bit info on the souce, I would say that by removing the fact Fortunado was drunk, I think it would have been best to change the story slightly. Without adding any mention of him being drunk, Fort looks like an utter fool, in particular, him laughing at the fact he was being buried alive, and the lack of any attempt to escape, until he realizes that he is going to die, where he begins to plead. I think I would have changed the story so that he killed him in the catacombs and just buried him to hide the corpse.
    Rating: 8) 8) 8)
    Good animation, but a vital part of the story is lost, to the film’s downfall.



    Yes it is a sherry wine.

    Did you move the movie to another site? My 9th grade English just finished reading this story and thought your movie would be awesome for them to view.



    Nice video! I haven’t seen the Cask of Amontillado on film before. Thanks for making it!

Viewing 8 posts - 21 through 28 (of 28 total)

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