The Chat room Progress Page

Hi people,

As you may have noticed, I have to create a chat room for school, and thought I could just as well extend it to something we can use.

This thread (which I hope RevMen doesn't mind being in here) will be used to keep you informed of the progress.

Current estimation of time needed until completion: 2 months.

Features likely to get added:
* Login only possible with username from messageboard[1]
* List of all users currently in chat
* Private messages possible
* Ignore function possible
* Bluntman's smileys (in a list extendable by the site owner)
* Clickable hyperlinks
* All text in a session is kept (unless you empty the list)
* Text can be copied to the clipboard, for logging purposes
* Time stamps included with each message. Handy for the not-so-busy moments!
* Audio alerts

[1] This will be the trickiest part, but I think I have an idea that will work.

If you have requests for features, name them here! But before you do, be aware that I have only limited time on hand (having stop-motion animation as a hobby doesn't help there), and we want to have this thing working pretty soon. If I think a feature is feasible, it will be added to the list above.